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A Vermilion Vendetta

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A Vermilion Vendetta

Quest giver
X'rhun Tia
Western La Noscea (X:27.6, Y:27.6)

Red Mage
Experience 72,000
Gil 1,985
Previous quest
Tracking the Cabal
Next quest
On Lambard's Trail

X'rhun Tia has a proposal to help cure Arya's memory loss.

— In-game description


  • Find the cabal's camp!
  • Defeat the undead!


  • X'rhun Tia has a proposal to help cure Arya's memory loss.
  • While X'rhun is off investigating Arya's origins with the Yellowjackets, he asks that you attempt to jolt the girl's memory. Talk to Arya, and convince her to join you for a walk outside.
  • Arya has awoken refreshed from her sleep but still bereft of memories. She seems agreeable to the idea of a walk, and mentions a desire to see the view from the top of the port's wall. Join Arya at the battlements.
  • Your attempts to restore Arya's memory lead her to remember an unpleasant event which befell her and her uncle. Return to the inn, and share this revelation with X'rhun.
  • Arya is able to recall the death of her uncle, but her other memories remain hidden behind an impenetrable fog. When X'rhun ponders the destination of the cabal's ship, however, Arya suddenly remembers the assassins speaking of a rendezvous with their mysterious master. Prepare for a confrontation, and join X'rhun and Arya on the Isles of Umbra.
  • ※The Isles of Umbra can be reached once you accept (or have completed) the main scenario quest “The Reluctant Researcher.”
  • You arrive on the Isles of Umbra, and X'rhun confirms the presence of the tight-lipped assassins. Dead men and mute mages hamper your search, and you have yet to discover the cabal's master. Speak with X'rhun Tia at the Ship's Graveyard.
  • After several battles with the cabal's relentless underlings, you eventually encounter the puppeteer himself: a man named Lambard. It would seem that the villain is acquainted with X'rhun, but Arya's unexpected intervention cuts short what promised to be a violent reunion. Return to Aleport, and listen to X'rhun's tale.
  • X'rhun tells of the founding of the Crimson Duelists, and of how their efforts to overthrow a tyrant were dashed by Lambard's betrayal. X'rhun now means to exact vengeance upon the traitor who murdered his companions, but does not expect you to join him in what has become a personal vendetta. Approach the waiting Duelist, and convey your intention to see this journey through to the end.
  • X'rhun gladly accepts you as a comrade in arms, but is surprised to hear Arya express her own desire to help vanquish the cabal's master. Persuaded by her courage and conviction, however, he chooses to welcome the determined young woman into the ranks of the red mages. Together, the three of you must now prepare to face the treacherous Lambard.
  • ※The next red mage quest will be available from X'rhun Tia upon reaching level 58.



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