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Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)
Foundation (8.1,10.1)
House Haillenarte
Baurendouin (father)
Aurvael (younger brother)
Laniaitte (younger sister)
Francel (youngest brother)
Quest NPC

With the wonders of machinistry in their hands, a trained army of commoners could prove as effective as any company of knights.

— In-game description

Stephanivien is an Elezen found in Foundation.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Savior of Skysteel Job quest 50 Stephanivien
Always the Last Place You Look Job quest 35 Stephanivien
Rook Before You Reap Job quest 40 Stephanivien
Securing the Locks Job quest 40 Stephanivien
A Suppressive Strategy Job quest 45 Stephanivien
Blood on the Sands Job quest 45 Stephanivien
Rage against the Machinists Job quest 50 Stephanivien
The Power of a Tourney Job quest 50 Stephanivien
A Joye-less Celebration Job quest 50 Stephanivien
Pushing the Brume Job quest 52 Stephanivien
A Joye-ful Reunion Job quest 54 Stephanivien
Wheels of Justice Job quest 56 Stephanivien
Taking the Fall Job quest 58 Stephanivien
Rusted Steel Job quest 58 Stephanivien
Rise of the Machinists Job quest 60 Stephanivien
The Machinists' Choice Job quest 60 Stephanivien
Machinists for the Morrow Sidequest 80 Stephanivien

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Master of Marksmanship Job quest 30 Rostnsthal
The Hrunting Heist Job quest 63 Hilda
The Mongrel and the Knight Job quest 70 Hilda

Additional Information

The eldest son of House Haillenarte, as a child Stephanivien often indulged his obsession with machinery by visiting the manufactory, his ready mind quickly absorbing whatever scraps of knowledge the engineers in his family's employ would throw his way. His frequent association with lowborn artisans—unheard of amongst the haughty nobility of Ishgard—likely contributed to Stephanivien's unusually enlightened attitude.
After coming of age and unofficially assuming the position of manufactory chief, Stephanivien actively sought the cooperation of organizations outside of Ishgard, drafting a contract for technological exchange with Jessie Jaye, the deputy president of Garlond Ironworks, and hiring a Limsa Lominsan to instruct his machinists in marksmanship. He is also a staunch believer in encouraging the martial independence of Ishgard's commoners, reasoning that every machinist recruit can only strengthen the city-state's defenses.