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A Book with Bite

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A Book with Bite

Summoner Job Image 3.JPG
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:10.9, Y:6.3)

Required quest
The Far Edge of Fate
Required items
1  Allagan Tome
Experience 167,400
Gil 1,326
Previous quest
A Flare for the Dramatic
Next quest
Performing for Prin

Y'mhitra has the most fascinating news for you.

— In-game description



  • Y'mhitra has the most fascinating news for you.
  • Y'mhitra has had word from Saint Coinach's Find that the archaeologists have unearthed an Allagan tome on summoning magicks. Make your way to the camp in Mor Dhona and speak with Rammbroes.
  • Rammbroes immediately places the ancient book in your hands, declaring that he was able to decipher little more than the fact that it contained the wisdom of Allagan summoners. He bids you take the tome to Y'mhitra in Revenant's Toll, and allow the scholar to peruse its pages.
  • Y'mhitra carefully cracks open the tome's covers, and the both of you are caught off guard as the book suddenly jumps from her hands and introduces itself as “Principia.” According to the animate familiar, it was created as an instruction manual for promising summoners, but can only share its higher knowledge once the student in question has completed three formidable challenges. The first of these challenges is to be a test of power. Follow Y'mhitra out into the wilds of north Silvertear, and ask Principia to call forth your monstrous opponent.
  • You have defeated the demon of the tome. Share your victory with the nearby Y'mhitra.
  • It appears your victory over the tome's demon was more than satisfactory, but despite its glowing praise, “Prin” gives the impression that your technique is far from perfect. Amazed at this evaluation and intrigued by the tale of the familiar's creation, Y'mhitra seems lost in contemplation of the past. Return to Gridania, and rejoin the scholar at Apkallu Falls.
  • Y'mhitra praises you on your triumph once more, and speaks eagerly of revealing the lost knowledge hidden within the tome. Before you can attempt Prin's next challenge, however, it seems you will need to work on perfecting your technique.
  • ※The next summoner quest will be available from Y'mhitra upon reaching level 63.



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