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A Safe Place to Hide

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A Safe Place to Hide

Scholar Job Image 3.JPG
Quest giver
Surito Carito
Upper La Noscea (X:25.6, Y:22.3)

Experience 191,700
Gil 1,809
Previous quest
The Vanishing Act
Next quest
In Loving Memory

Surito Carito stares at you with a puzzled glimmer in his yellow eyes.

— In-game description


  • Survey the designated location.
  • Survey the designated location.
  • Survey the designated location.
  • Defeat the poachers.


  • Surito Carito stares at you with a puzzled glimmer in his yellow eyes.
  • Surito Carito wastes no time in informing you that Alka Zolka has received news of Setoto's possible whereabouts. He then tells you to make for the Marauders' Guild in Limsa Lominsa, where the marauder-turned-Royal Marine awaits to disclose to you the relevant details.
  • According to Alka Zolka, the Brass Blades have managed to track down a creature resembling the description of the stowaway. Luckily for you, their quarry has slipped into the Black Shroud─an area that is outside of their jurisdiction. He then bids you to follow him to Camp Tranquil, where Setoto now likely is, and the two of you make ready to depart.
  • Alka Zolka reminds you that while the stowaway─who may well be Setoto─is safe from the Brass Blades, the forested area is just as dangerous for a lone tonberry. With precious little time to waste, it is decided the two of you will split up to conduct separate searches. Alka will check the northern part of the Black Shroud, while you scour the south.
  • You thoroughly investigate the area but you do not find Setoto. Mayhap it is time to move on and continue looking for the tonberry elsewhere.
  • Despite your best efforts, your search of this area turns up nothing. Perhaps searching the lands further north will yield better results.
  • You come across a tonberry lying face-down in the dirt surrounded by Coeurlclaw poachers. The pack of hunters are not at all pleased by your presence and warn you not to come any closer to them or their prey. Seeing as they intend to kill and skin the creature before them, it may be in your best interest to stop them.
  • The poachers are no match for you, and you swiftly dispatch of all three of them. Setoto, on the other hand, did not seem to fare nearly as well as you in her fight against them. Quickly cast Adloquium on her that she might be healed.
  • Shortly after casting Lustrate upon Setoto, you are joined by Alka Zolka, who is immediately enamored of the young tonberry girl. After commenting upon her beauty, he goes on to ask what motivated her to travel so far from her home in Bronze Lake. She tells you of how in the days before Nym's collapse her father was a scholar and Royal Marine. Suspecting he was captured by the Amdapori whilst on an undercover mission there, she sought to examine the ruins for anything that once belonged to him. Touched, Alka eagerly volunteers the both of you to aid her in her search. Return to Camp Tranquil with the tonberry girl and Alka to discuss how the three of you might proceed.
  • Alka Zolka will be returning once to Bronze Lake to inform Surito Carito of all that has happened. Before going, however, he makes Setoto promise that she will no longer wander about on her own and asks that you see that she gets plenty of rest in his absence. Once he returns and Setoto is fully recovered, the three of you will be leaving to search Amdapor Keep for a memento of Setoto's father.
  • ※The next scholar quest will be available from Alka Zolka upon reaching level 65.



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