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The Machinists' Choice

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The Machinists' Choice

Machinist Job Quests Stormblood Image.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:8.1, Y:10.1)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Far Edge of Fate
Experience 100,000
Gil 1,545
Previous quest
Feature QuestRise of the Machinists
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Hrunting Heist

Stephanivien appears delighted to see you.

— In-game description



  • Stephanivien welcomes your visit to the manufactory with the air of a man beset on all sides. He explains that Hilda has lodged a request for the city watch to be equipped and trained in machinist firearms, but the workshop, already buried in commissions, had no one to spare─that is, of course, until you arrived. Wasting no time in recruiting you to the role of instructor, the chief machinist shares his plans to also employ the services of the absent Rostnsthal. Join Stephanivien in Idyllshire, and aid in the search for the former master of marksmanship.
  • You arrive in Idyllshire to find Stephanivien enamored by the potential of so much goblin technology. The distracted machinist eventually focuses his mind on the task at hand, and bids you question the town's inhabitants for a hint as to Rostnsthal's whereabouts.
  • After making a few queries, you find yourself pointed in the direction of the Hard Place. Enter the establishment, and seek out Rostnsthal's table.
  • Stephanivien arrives at the Hard Place just as you locate Rostnsthal, and together you attempt to persuade the machinists' old instructor to accept a new position with the city watch. Not entirely convinced, Rostnsthal responds that he will make his decision after meeting with the “lass what leads the watch.” Return to Ishgard, and speak with Hilda in the Brume.
  • You and Rostnsthal meet with Hilda, and she explains that the watch is to be officially integrated into Ishgard's security forces. Not everyone in Ishgard is pleased with the decision, however, and Hilda has turned to the machinists to help her prove the watch's value beyond a shadow of a doubt. After accepting the challenge to drill the untrained watchmen of the Brume in firearms, Rostnsthal suggests forming a handpicked unit with which to impress and intimidate their detractors. It will be your job to assess the Hounds' progress after their initial training period is over...
    ※The next machinist quest will be available from Hilda upon reaching level 63.