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A Saint of Song

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A Saint of Song

Quest giver
The Dravanian Forelands (X:33, Y:22)

Required quest
Mountaintop Diplomacy
Experience 81,600
Gil 855
Previous quest
When Gnaths Cry
Next quest
The Ballad of Oblivion

Sanson is holding out for Guydelot's return.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Sylviel.
  • Speak with Sanson at Anyx Trine.
  • Speak with Sanson outside Moghome.
  • Speak with Moglin at Moghome.
  • Speak with Sanson.
  • Search for Mogta.
  • Speak with Moglin.


  • Sanson is holding out for Guydelot's return.
  • As promised, Sylviel has looked into the Coerthan legend pertaining to a saint of song in the heavens. Alas, the information he provided is not as promising as Sanson had hoped, with “the heavens” most likely referring to a natural phenomenon, as Guydelot had suspected. Just when Sanson resigns himself to accepting that the legend is a dead end, you reveal to him the existence of a tribe of moogles in the Churning Mists. The revelation spurs him to continue his mission, and he begs you to show him to Moghome. Before striking out, he bids you leave a message with Sylviel for Guydelot, in the hopes that the wayward bard will rejoin you later.
  • To your surprise, you find Sylviel conversing with Guydelot, who apparently has been watching you and Sanson from afar. Upon hearing of the moogles of Moghome, Sylviel concedes that the legend may in fact be referring to the creatures, and urges Guydelot to settle his differences with Sanson and accompany him to the Churning Mists. For now, however, a promise to think on it is the best the bard can offer. Your message thus delivered, make your way to Anyx Trine and rejoin Sanson.
  • Sanson is eager to continue on to the Churning Mists. Lead the way to the summit of Sohm Al, and speak with your companion when you arrive.
  • Shortly after arriving at Moghome, Sanson declares his intent to seek an audience with the moogle chieftain. As he walks away, you catch a glimpse of what appears to be Guydelot, hiding behind a rock. Set aside that sighting in your mind for the time being, and join Sanson for his meeting with Moglin.
  • Moglin informs you that the Ballad of Oblivion is exceedingly dangerous, and hence is forbidden among mooglekind. In spite of his ominous words, however, he goes to great lengths to point you in the direction of a moogle bard named Mogta, who has also shown an interest in the song. Sanson bids you meet him outside Moghome to discuss the chieftain's curious behavior.
  • Whatever Moglin's intention may be, Sanson believes that there is no harm in seeking out Mogta. Search for the moogle bard at the specified location in Eil Tohm.
  • Mogta does not appear to be in the area. Take your search to another part of Eil Tohm.
  • Mogta does not appear to be in the area. Take your search to yet another part of Eil Tohm.
  • Mogta does not appear to be in the area. Take your search towards the Landlord Colony.
  • Just as you are about to give up searching for Mogta, the moogle stumbles into you. You quickly establish your shared interest in the Ballad of Oblivion, and he becomes a member of your expedition. Return to Moghome and receive Moglin's blessing to search for the forbidden song.
  • Moglin declares that your company is still missing a little something, and so withholds his permission for you to seek the Ballad of Oblivion. Sanson discerns that something to be Guydelot, at which time you finally reveal to him your earlier sighting of the bard near Moghome. Mogta is convinced that he likes Guydelot, and reassures Sanson that you will yet find him and together continue your mission.



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