In the Image of the Ancients

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In the Image of the Ancients

Scholar Job Quest Image.JPG
Quest giver
Alka Zolka
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.1, Y:6.2)
Experience 11,880
Gil 0
Previous quest
The Consequences of Anger
Next quest
For Your Fellow Man

Alka Zolka has news which should be of great interest to you.

— In-game description



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  • Alka Zolka has news which should be of great interest to you.
  • Alka Zolka has come into possession of ancient engravings which purport to show the traditional raiments of Nymian scholars. Coupled with information gleaned from other sources, he believes he has deduced their construction. However, he wishes to conclusively verify their historical accuracy by recreating the garments and gauging your faerie's reaction. In order to do so, he will need to enlist the aid of a preeminent Eorzean weaver-- namely, Master Redolent Rose of Sunsilk Tapestries. Approaching him now would be premature, though, as you must first gather the leaves of a direwort. These plants, which can be found only in the Fogfens of Mor Dhona, are essential for producing the distinct colors of a Nymian scholar's uniform.
  • Your initial attempt to gather direwort leaves is foiled by the sudden appearance of belligerent wildlife, which you are forced to dispatch. Hopefully your second attempt will not be so rudely interrupted.
  • To your relief, no rampaging beast attempts to devour you this time. Journey to Ul'dah and speak with Redolent Rose, who should have hopefulyl been contacted by Alka Zolka by now.
  • Redolent Rose works feverishly to render the ancient designs into modern creations. Alas, his skill is insufficient to produce more than the culottes; the other pieces will require the skills of a master goldsmith and leatherworker. Realizing that you were not aware of this fact, Redolent Rose offers to contact Mistresses Serendipity and Geva of the Goldsmiths' and Leatherworkers' Guilds on your behalf, so that you need only visit each guild and present the items to receive their help.
  • The ever-cheerful Serendipity requires but a moment to fashion a mythril tassel for your mortarboard. You can only hope that Geva will work with similar alacrity.
  • Geva effortlessly crafts a pair of fingerless gloves in accordance with Alka Zolka's designs. However, she has no intention of spoiling you further, and bids you speak with Beli, her subordinate, about the boots.
  • Beli relishes the opportunity to finish the famed Redolent Rose's work, wasting no time in constructing the leather boots. Now that the set is complete, all that remains is to show Alka Zolka what the craftsmen have wrought.
  • Alka Zolka is thrilled by the resemblance you bear to the Nymian scholars of eld. He is not alone in his excitement, as your faerie also appears to approve of your new raiments. Wear them with pride as you continue to pursue your studies.