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Lalah Jinjahl

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Lalah Jinjahl

Sharlayan Maiden.png

Sharlayan Maiden
the Studious
Female ♀
Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)
Limsa Lominsa (9.4,12.9)
Quest NPC

Lalah Jinjahl is a Miqo'te found in Limsa Lominsa.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Sage's Path Job quest 70 Lalah Jinjahl
Sage's Focus Job quest 70 Lalah Jinjahl
Sands of Despair Job quest 73 Lalah Jinjahl
A Poisoned Gift Job quest 75 Lalah Jinjahl
Pledge of Hope Job quest 78 Lalah Jinjahl
Life Ephemeral, Path Eternal Job quest 80 Lalah Jinjahl

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver


Zone Coordinates Level range
Limsa Lominsa (X:9.4, Y:12.9)
Middle La Noscea (X:20.9, Y:24.8)
Idyllshire (X:6.1, Y:5.7)


"I took up the shield because I wanted to protect all life, just as she did to her dying breath..."

A young graduate of the Studium, twenty-two-year-old Lalah Jinjahl holds the similarly gifted Alisaie Leveilleur in high esteem. Lalah's own surpassing intellect and skill as a swordswoman saw the Forum seek her out for a mission of utmost clandestinity—her duty, to locate a group of fugitives who had stolen technological secrets. Her investigation led her to Limsa Lominsa, where she began working with an adventurer to track down Loifa—the accused—and his accomplices.

Though Lalah did not find somanoutics suited to her talents, she nevertheless studied the art extensively whilst enrolled at the Studium, and is considerably versed in its workings. Thus, upon noticing how the sage's soul crystal in her belongings reacted to her adventuring comrade, she took it upon herself to offer tutelage.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 237

Lalah is a Sharlayan operative come to Eorzea to hunt fugitives who have escaped after being involved in heinous experiments that have enhanced them and others via forbidden means, which drove one man to kill another, then perish. They have also made off with classified information kept within a Soul Crystal. She hires the Warrior of Light to act as her guide, and explained the details of her mission to them. She shows them another of the Soul Crystals, which reacts to their presence, growing extremely hot. Taking it as a sign that the Soul Crystal belongs with the Warrior of Light, she furnished them with the crystal and the garments and tools of a Sage, as long as they promise to use their tools for good.

While in Idyllshire, the pair come across the fugitives Lalah is hunting, and rescue a man named Faldrinet from them. He explains that he has no idea why he was attacked, but was most likely related to the fugitives seeking access to Saint Mocianne's Arboretum to gather illicit plants. Using this knowledge, Lalah tracked the fugitives to the Arboretum, training the Warrior of Light on how to use the spells of a Sage along the way. They eventually catch up to the fugitives, Mahaud, Ancel and Loifa. They attack Lalah and the Warrior of Light but eventually flee, realizing they may not win a head-on fight. Upon escaping, Loifa dropped a small pouch full of a strange plant, proving Faldrinet's hunch correct. Lalah sends the plant back to Sharlayan for further analysis, and encourages the Warrior of Light to continue to hone their Sage craft.

Sometime later, Lalah shared that she had received word about the strange plant that Loifa had dropped, and that it was known as muscmaloi, a plant with aether-fortifying properties that had been banned from cultivation for some time. With this knowledge, Lalah figured that the fugitives would set out and find another method to obtain the plant, and had identified a merchant who sold the plant out by Black Brush Station in Thanalan. With this target in mind, the pair set out.

Finding the apothecary, they learn that Loifa and his men had not attacked her, but instead set upon one of her clients, and had made off to Lost Hope. Sure enough, Lalah and the Warrior of Light find Ancel and Mahaud there with Faldrinet. The pair attack, but soon collapse to the ground in pain. Loifa uses his powers to enhance an antling, which the Warrior of Light dispatches before it can cause harm.

Lalah, upon seeing the two on the ground, is reminded of the effects of the experiments of a rogue Sage named Guildivain, who had disappeared from Sharlayan years ago, and The Forum denied him ever existing, or rumors of his horrid testing. Loifa mocks Lalah, and teleports the trio away. The apothecary later revealed to Lalah that Mahaud and Ancel were her adopted children who became sick with Aetherspurn, a disease that stops the body from receiving new aether, and were taken away by a man who swore to heal their ailments, and never saw them again, until they attacked Faldrinet. She also revealed that it was not the fugitives who sought to buy muscmaloi, but Faldrinet, and reveals that Faldrinet also buys alchemical ingredients from a merchant in Aleport. Thinking all this over, Lalah ponders whether or not the rogue Sage and his experiments had actually existed, and is concerned that despite the protests of the Forum, based on what she had witnessed, he may have actually existed.

Lalah reveals that she had received word that the case of the rogue Sage had been reopened and investigated, and confirmed that he had in fact existed, and that Mahaud, Ancel and Loifa were most likely his victims and not criminals as once believed. She also surmised that Guildivain had taken on the moniker of Faldrinet when he escaped to Eorzea to remain hidden. She planned to head to Aleport, with the intent of confronting the Sage. Instead, her and the Warrior of Light found that Loifa, his two men and a merchant had been attacked, and the merchant killed. After healing Loifa's wounds, he confirms Lalah's suspicions, and says that Guildivain had taken the two away somewhere, presumably to continue his experiments. Loifa turned to the Warrior of Light and Lalah to help him rescue his friends and stop the Sage.

Lalah revealed to the Warrior of Light that Loifa, upon his escape from Sharlayan, had indirectly caused the death of her mother, and now held her Soul Crystal. She disliked him greatly because of it, but realized that her mother had given it to him because she saw the good in him, and urged him to hold on to it and instead of using it for his own selfish reasons, continue her legacy and use it and its power for good. The trio returned to Idyllshire to plan how to proceed.

Lalah eventually discovered that Guildivain had set up a lair in the Dravanian Forelands, at Hundred Throes. She, the Warrior of Light and Loifa all make for the cave, where they see that Guildivain has indeed experimented on Mahaud and Ancel further, and they were now much more powerful and under his control. He sics them on the trio, who defeat them. Loifa begins healing them, but Guildivain attacks, and is subsequently stopped by the Warrior of Light. With the other two healed and returned to their senses, Lalah joined in the fight against Guildivain, who used a concoction to transform himself in to a massive monster. After a tense battle, he is defeated and returned to normal, and is bound to prevent his escape.

Loifa decides to let Guildivain be taken back to Sharlayan to face justice, and Lalah tells the three fugitives that their innocence in matters has been made clear, and they no longer need to fear being hunted anymore. She tells them to make a life for themselves, and urges Loifa to continue to use her mother's Soul Crystal to continue doing good. With that, she heads back to Sharlayan with Guildivain in tow, her mission completed.