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Ninja Assassin

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Ninja Assassin

Strangers in a Strange Land.png
Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:20.8, Y:26.6)
Experience 49,920
Gil 1,038
Previous quest
The Impossible Girl
Next quest
Medieval Espionage

A new request from Akagi has arrived.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Akagi at Oschon's Embrace.
  • Use Raiton on the target.
  • Use Raiton on the next target.
  • Wait at the rendezvous point.
  • Speak with Oboro on the Salt Strand.
  • Speak with Yuki.
  • Speak with Oboro at the dock storehouse.
  • Defeat Redway!


  • A new request from Akagi has arrived.
  • Akagi's missive is a tersely worded summons, asking you to come as quickly as you are able to Oschon's Embrace. Make your way there now, and learn what trouble Princess Yuki has gotten herself into this time.
  • Having found where her clan's jade jewel was being kept, Princess Yuki has slipped in amongst a host of enemies to retrieve it. While the daring plan seems to have paid off, she now lacks for an exit strategy. Akagi begs you to distract the guards, and Oboro fleshes out the plan by proposing that you use the noise of Raiton to draw the foes away. Strike the path leading away from Oschon's Embrace multiple times, and so secure Yuki's escape.
  • The foes have heard your thunder, and you hear them as they make their way toward you. Move further away from Oschon's Embrace and strike with Raiton again.
  • Once again, the guards hear as your thunder echoes through the hills. Make for the Salt Strand, and unleash Raiton again on the way there.
  • You have drawn your pursuers far from their camp, and away from Princess Yuki. Now, make your way to the Salt Strand proper, and await Oboro.
  • You arrive on the Salt Strand and are greeted by a man with seemingly sinister intent. From his babbling, you ascertain that he had anticipated Princess Yuki. Yet his familiarity with shinobi─Gekkai and Karasu in particular─leaves you uneasy. The man attacks, revealing that he, too, has a command of ninjutsu. You slay his underlings, and eventually force him to flee after Oboro comes to your aid. Speak now with your shinobi friend and see what he knows of your mysterious combatant.
  • After a moment's thought, Oboro theorizes that the man was once an imperial spy, trained in ninjutsu by Gekkai and Karasu. What he desired with the princess, however, remains a mystery. In any case, now is not the time to wonder why, but rather to see if Princess Yuki is safe. Travel to the Tempest Gate in lower La Noscea and speak with her.
  • Princess Yuki has escaped the clutches of her pursuers, her clan's stolen jade jewel now safely in hand. She is aware that you aided her, but seems completely ungrateful. After she takes her leave, however, Akagi says she is secretly thankful. Oboro bids you return with him to the dock storehouse.
  • As you might have suspected given your recent missions, Oboro once again tells you to meditate upon your experiences, that you might draw new power from within. He also leaves you with a somber warning, and bids you practice vigilance whilst a mysterious foe may lie waiting in the shadows.