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Fade to Black Lotus

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Fade to Black Lotus

Paladin SB quest image.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:9.3, Y:12.0)

Experience 232,200
Gil 1,447
Previous quest
In Nald's Name
Next quest
Raising the Sword

Mylla's expectant gaze could only mean one thing: it is time.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Mylla.
  • Speak with the tournament registrar.
  • Search for Black Lotus.
  • Gather information in Pearl Lane.
  • With the chat mode in Say, enter “Doubt the truth” to let the suspicious fellow know you are a customer.
  • Search for the burly bloke at Spineless Basin.
  • Aid the scrubby stripling.
  • Speak with Mylla at the Gladiators' Guild.


  • Mylla's expectant gaze could only mean one thing: it is time.
  • Mylla sends you off to the Ul Cup final with words of encouragement, but no sooner do you take to the arena than your opponent is announced as having withdrawn from the match. Though this makes you the champion by default, such an unearned victory rings hollow to you. Perhaps your guildmaster can provide some clarity amid the confusion.
  • Sensing your dissatisfaction and knowing too well the ways of the Ul'dahn underworld, Mylla decides to investigate your opponent's unexpected withdrawal and recruits your aid. To begin with, she suggests that you speak with the tournament registrar, the last person to see Black Lotus.
  • According to the tournament registrar, after informing him that he no longer wished to fight, Black Lotus left in considerable haste in the direction of Pearl Lane.
  • You track down Black Lotus, who, to little surprise, turns out to be a disguised Aldis. He explains that he withdrew from the tournament in order to save a boy he met during his wanderings, whom unscrupulous match-fixers took hostage in the mistaken belief that he is Aldis's own. At this time an unimpressed Mylla arrives, and Aldis goes on to reveal that rumors of your surpassing skills are what drew him back to Ul'dah. His mention of a child leaves her dismayed, but the questions must wait, for the boy has yet to be released. Aldis means to track down the abductors and mount a rescue, and bids you ask after shady sorts in Pearl Lane.
  • Questioning the locals, you learn that a black market bookmaker has been operating in the area. In order to track him down, you must first go to his lackey near the Gate of Thal and indicate your intent do business.
  • With the chat mode in Say, enter the password “Doubt the truth” to let the suspicious fellow know you are a customer.
  • Satisfied that you are a customer, the suspicious fellow directs you to his associate near the Sultantree. And by the sounds of it, that is where you will find the abducted child.
  • The burly bloke and his cronies set upon you, but they are no match for the Ul Cup champion─by default or no. With the ruffians subdued, you may turn your attention to the child.
  • Mylla and Aldis join you as you finish freeing the child from his bindings. After a brief but warm reunion, Aldis informs you that he has found solid evidence implicating Odde, the detestable Lalafell from the Quicksand, in the match-fixing attempt. And then to Mylla's relief, he clarifies that the boy is not in fact his own. All is well, then, save for the fact that a dream match between you and Aldis was not to be. However, Mylla tells you not to give up, for she believes she can convince the organizers to host the Ul Cup final. Leaving to entrust the child to the Brass Blades' care, she bids you join her back at the guild afterwards.
  • Mylla reiterates her confidence that the Ul Cup final will go ahead, and excuses herself to go about making it so. See to it that you are fully prepared for the imminent match, for it will doubtless prove the toughest of all.
※ The next paladin quest will be available from Mylla upon reaching level 70.

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