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The Face of True Evil

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The Face of True Evil

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Quest giver
Foundation (X:13.4, Y:12.4)
Experience 100,000
Gil 2,151
Previous quest
Feature QuestTears in the Snow
Next quest
Feature QuestA Dignified Visitor

Momozigo is a picture of panic.

— In-game description




  • Survey the designated area.
  • Survey the designated area.
  • Join Musosai at Twinpools.
  • Speak with Momozigo.


  • Momozigo is a picture of panic.
  • Face stricken with panic, Momozigo informs you that Musosai has vanished from his inn room without his medicine. Fearing for his condition, Momozigo asks that you help him search for the old man at Saint Valeroyant's Forum.
  • You scour the area, but Musosai is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps you should try a different spot.
  • As you scan the area, Musosai makes himself known to you and declares his intent to go after Kogarashi. The man's crime, he reveals, was to create a killer; his pupil slaughtered numerous dignitaries of Hingashi, and by the laws of the land, Kogarashi was held equally responsible for the heinous deed. Instead of atoning with his life, however, he fled with it to Eorzea, and it falls to Musosai to bring him to account. Yet try as he might, he has been unable to render justice unto the fugitive. Strong as you have become, Musosai is confident that you will be able to accomplish that which he could not, and so he assigns you your final trial: defeat Kogarashi. You set off with your master for Twinpools, where the villain is said to be hiding.
  • Arriving at Twinpools, Musosai bids you strike him down. For he is Kogarashi, the loathsome wretch who caused countless deaths yet feared his own. Having lamented failing his pupil and living in disgrace, he demands once more that you render unto him his punishment, and comes at you with steel singing. Left with no recourse, you meet Musosai in battle, each blow you deal hurting no less than each you receive. At the end of a grueling encounter, your master falls to the ground, battered and bloodied.
  • As he lies dying, Musosai smiles to see that you have drawn forth his final technique. His purpose thus fulfilled, he instructs you to end it once and for all. As you prepare to draw, a distraught Momozigo scrambles up and begs you to stop. Undeterred, you swing with all your might and excise the evil in Musosai, thereby granting him the peace he had long yearned for. With his companions by his side, Musosai breathes his last, and you bury him by the cliff at the Silver Bazaar, where he might watch the setting sun begin its return journey to Hingashi─to his homeland.
  • Back at the Quicksand, Momozigo reveals to you something Musosai told him on the road. That before he died, he wished to leave behind a pupil into whom he has poured all of himself. Momozigo expresses his hopes that you will carry on Musosai's legacy, protecting the peace and remembering always: “Such evil cannot be suffered!”