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Gone but Not Forgiven

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Gone but Not Forgiven

Gone but Not Forgiven.png
Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:25.8, Y:28.3)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestShadowbringers
Feature QuestCourage Born of Fear
Experience 448,800
Gil 3,268
Previous quest
Feature QuestDragon Sound

Alberic is keen to hear of your adventures.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.



  • Alberic is keen to hear of your adventures.
  • You find Alberic trying to keep warm at the Observatorium, and he welcomes the chance to exchange stories with his former student. Upon mention of Orn Khai, the young dragon himself appears, joining the conversation and listening eagerly as you regale him with your adventures in the First. Your account of Andreia's demise brings to mind the tale of Nidhogg, as he too was driven only by memories of a time long since passed. Orn Khai expresses his profound sorrow that no one would mourn the passing of the mighty wyrm, and suggests consulting Faunehm to learn more of the fallen Nidhogg.
  • Faunehm answers Orn Khai's call and gladly shares her memories of her sire, Nidhogg. You learn that King Thordan had invited Ratatoskr to speak on behalf of all dragons. When he asked her to recount Nidhogg's views on mankind, she stated her beloved's thoughts on the matter, in particular that their mortal frailty made them unfit for the role of Hydaelyn's guardian. Upon hearing these words, Thordan was filled with rage and slaughtered Ratatoskr, which drove Nidhogg into madness and sparked the Dragonsong War. After concluding her account of these historic events, Faunehm advises that you commemorate him by offering a flower for which he had a particular affinity, the mist lily, at the site of his passing. Orn Khai believes that they can be found growing in Ohl Tahn and wastes not a moment in flying off to gather the elusive bloom.
  • The flowers you seek grow in the most unlikely of places, peeking out between the cracks of a stark rocky outcrop. Orn Khai will be pleased to hear that the search is over.
  • Orn Khai is delighted that you were able to find the mist lilies and is eager to offer them in memorial of Nidhogg. Since his eyes were used to summon Shinryu, which you defeated in Gyr Abania, this could be considered his final resting place.
  • You and Orn Khai arrive at the Royal Menagerie to pay your respects to Nidhogg. As you reflect on past encounters with the wyrm, your mind is cast back to the days spent as an Azure Dragoon, fighting alongside Estinien. Satisfied that the memory of the wyrm's memory has been honored, Orn Khai asks that you share Faunehm's tale with Alberic.
  • Back at the Observatorium, Alberic is intrigued to hear such a detailed account of King Thordan's betrayal. He plans to impart this newly revealed information to the Temple Knights, as he is a firm believer that matters of historical accuracy are of the utmost importance in building peaceful relations between man and dragon. Though the road ahead will not be an easy one, your friendship with Orn Khai will serve as a shining example that trust and cooperation are possible between your races, and that even former enemies need not be beholden to the past.