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Monk wearing Artifact Armor
Monk wearing Artifact Armor


Though now under Garlean rule, the city-state of Ala Mhigo once boasted the greatest military might of all Eorzea. Among its standing armies were the monks—ascetic warriors as dreaded by foes on the field of battle as the city-state's great pikemen.
The monks comprised an order known as the Fist of Rhalgr, and it was to this god—the Destroyer—that they devoted their lives of worship. By mastering seats of power within the body known as chakra, they are capable of performing extraordinary physical feats.
—Game Description

General Information

Monk is a job that specializes in hand-to-hand combat. Monk evolves from the class pugilist. It is a melee damage dealing class specializing in sustained single-target dps. Monks have all the abilities and traits of Pugilists. They can also use all the cross-class abilities of lancer and marauder. The most important stat for the monk is strength, which increases attack power. The level of your monk is equivalent to that of your Pugilist.


Trainer Locations

NPC Location Description
Gagaruna Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x9,y10) Job Start for ARR
Erik Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x10,y13) Job Trainer for 30-50
Erik Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x10,y13) Job Start for Heavensward
Widargelt Mor Dhona (x21,y7) Job Trainer for 52-60


Action Icon Level TP Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Radius Description
Rockbreaker rockbreaker.png 30 120 Instant 2.5s 5y 5y Delivers an attack with a potency of 130 to all enemies in a cone before you.
Can only be used when in coeurl form.
Additional Effect: Changes form to opo-opo for 10s.
Additional Effect: Grants Greased Lightning for 14s.
Greased Lightning Bonus: Increases damage dealt by 10% and attack speed by 5%.
Shoulder Tackle shoulder tackle.png 35 0 Instant 30s 20y 0y Rushes to target and delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Additional Effect: Stun for 2s.
Cannot be executed while bound.
Fists of Fire fists of fire.png 40 0 Instant 3s 0y 0y Increases damage dealt by 5%.
Cannot be used with Fists of Earth or Fists of Wind and shares cooldown with both.
Effect ends upon reuse.
One Ilm Punch one ilm punch.png 45 120 Instant 2.5s 3y 0y Delivers an attack with a potency of 120.
Can only be used when in raptor form.
Additional Effect: Removes one beneficial status from target.
Additional Effect: Changes form to coeurl for 10s.
Dragon Kick dragon kick.png 50 60 Instant 2.5s 3y 0y Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
150 when delivered from a target's flank.
Opo-opo Form Bonus: Reduces target's blunt resistance and Intelligence by 10% for 15s.
Additional Effect: Changes form to raptor for 10s.
Form Shift Form shift icon1.png 52 0 Instant 2.5s 0y 0y Shifts your current form to the next in the sequence. If no form is being used when executed, you will move into the Opo-Opo form.
Meditation Meditation icon1.png 54 0 Instant 1.2s 0y 0y Opens a chakra. Up to five chakra can be opened at once. Shares a recast timer with all other weaponskills.
Forbidden Chakra Forbidden chakra icon1.png 54 0 Instant 5s 3y 0y Delivers an attack with a potency of 320. Can only be used when under the effect of Fifth Chakra. Consumes all Chakra upon activation.
Elixir Field Elixir field icon1.png 56 0 Instant 30s 0y 5y Delivers an attack with a potency of 220 to all nearby enemies.
Purification Purification icon1.png 58 0 Instant 120s 0y 0y Restores 300 TP. Can only be used when under the effect of Fifth Chakra. Consumes all Chakra upon activation.
Tornado Kick Tornado kick icon1.png 60 0 Instant 40s 0y 0y Delivers an attack with a potency of 330. Can only be used when under the effect of Greased Lightning III. All stacks of Greased Lightning are consumed upon execution.

Cross Class Actions

Lancer Marauder
Action Icon Level Action Icon Level
Feint Feint.png 2 Foresight Foresight.png 2
Keen Flurry Keen flurry.png 6 Skull Sunder Skull sunder.png 4
Invigorate Invigorate.png 22 Fracture Fracture.png 6
Blood for Blood Blood for blood.png 34 Bloodbath Bloodbath.png 8
Mercy Stroke Mercy stroke.png 26

Cross-Discipline Actions

Botanist Miner
Action Icon Level Action Icon Level
Triangulate Triangulate.png 1 Prospect Prospect1.png 1
Arbor Call Arbor call.png 3 Lay of the Land Lay of the land.png 3
Arbor Call II Arbor call ii.png 6 Lay of the Land II Lay of the land ii.png 6
Truth of Forests Truth of forests.png 46 Truth of Mountains Truth of Mountains.jpg 46

PvP Actions

Action Icon Description Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3
Axe Kick Axe kick icon1.png Delivers an attack with a potency of 160 to all nearby enemies.
Additional Effect: Pacification for 4s
Additional Effect: Grants Greased Lightning III for 12s (24s in PvP)
Enhanced Axe Kick: Shortens recast time to 150 seconds. Enhanced Axe Kick II: Increases potency to 190. Enhanced Axe Kick III: Increases duration to 6 seconds.
Somersault Somersault icon1.png Delivers an attack with a potency of 160.
Additional Effect: Decreases spell speed of target by 30% for 10s
Enhanced Somersault: Shortens recast time to 60 seconds. Enhanced Somersault II: Extends duration to 15 seconds. Enhanced Somersault III: Increases spell speed reduction to 50%.
Fetter Ward Fetter ward icon1.png Grants immunity to stun, sleep, bind, heavy, and disease for 9 seconds. Enhanced Fetter Ward: Shortens recast time to 120 seconds. Enhanced Fetter Ward II: Extends duration to 12 seconds.
Enliven Enliven icon1.png Instantly restores 50% TP. Enhanced Enliven: Shortens recast time to 180 seconds. Enhanced Enliven II: Increases TP recovery to 75%.
Purify Purify icon1.png Removes all detrimental effects. Can be used regardless of status affliction. Enhanced Purify: Shortens recast time to 150 seconds.


Quest Level NPC Zone Coordinates EXP Reward
Brother from Another Mother 30 Gagaruna Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x9,y10) 7410 Soul of the monk icon1.png, Rockbreaker icon1.png
Insulted Intelligence 35 Erik Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x10,y13) 9020 Shoulder tackle icon1.png
A Slave to the Aether 40 Erik Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x10,y13) 11270 Fists of fire icon1.png
The Pursuit of Power 45 Erik Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x10,y13) 12420 One ilm punch icon1.png
Good Vibrations 45 Erik Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x10,y13) 12420 Temple gaskins icon1.png, Temple gloves icon1.png, Temple boots icon1.png, Temple circlet icon1.png
Five Easy Pieces 50 Erik Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x10,y13) 0 Temple cyclas icon1.png, Dragon kick icon1.png
A Relic Reborn (Sphairai) 50 Gerolt North Shroud (x30,y20) 0 Sphairai icon1.png
The Legend Continues 50 Erik Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (x10,y13) 24000
Let's Talk about Sects 52 Widargelt Mor Dhona (x21,y7) 26400 Form shift icon1.png
Against the Shadow 54 Widargelt Mor Dhona (x21,y7) 31200 Meditation icon1.png
Fight the Battle to Win 56 Widargelt Mor Dhona (x21,y7) 36000 Elixir field icon1.png
Stop the Senseless Killing 58 Widargelt Mor Dhona (x21,y7) 40800 Purification icon1.png
Appetite for Destruction 60 Widargelt Mor Dhona (x21,y7) 0 Tornado kick icon1.png

Monk Guide

A Monk's damage output depends on her ability to keep all her DoTs up on the target and herself, positioning herself appropriately at all times, and making the most of every application of Dragon Kick and Twin Snakes without re-applying them early or allowing them to fall off.

Endgame Rotations


Fists of fire.png --> Precast Form shift icon1.png x3 --> Demolish.png --> Perfect balance.png --> Snap punch.png --> Blood for blood.png --> Snap punch.png --> Internal release.png --> Dragon kick.png --> Supramax-potion of strength icon1.png --> Twin snakes.png --> Shoulder tackle.png --> Snap punch.png --> Elixir field icon1.png --> Touch of death.png --> Steel peak.png --> Bootshine.png --> Howling fist.png --> True strike.png --> Forbidden chakra icon1.png --> Demolish.png


Dragon kick.png --> Twin snakes.png --> Touch of death.png --> Demolish.png
Use Fracture.png when you are in the appropriate form for Dragon Kick, Twin Snakes, or Demolish; the timer for it is at 4-6 seconds remaining; and when Touch of Death doesn't need to be reapplied. This ensures that the re-application of those three skills will be "staggered" so that you benefit from their full duration without missing ticks/GCDs, as Fracture is higher potency than any other non-DoT weaponskill. Do not upkeep Fracture, as this will lead to dropping your buffs/DoTs and running dry on TP quickly.

Explanation: This opener involves using Perfect Balance to set up all your DoTs right away at their full potency. By Form Shifting into raptor form and using Demolish first, you will perform your opener while a weak Demolish ticks away, reach Greased Lightning III quickly and will have Dragon Kick, Blood for Blood, Internal Release, and Twin Snakes applied to you for every oGCD attack as well as Touch of Death. Your first re-application of Demolish should coincide perfectly with the expiration of the weak Demolish applied at the beginning of the opener as well as still being applied during the duration of Blood for Blood, Internal Release, and your potion in order to squeeze out as much damage as possible.


Monk Concept Art Monk af3.jpg

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