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Why They Call It the Blues

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Why They Call It the Blues

BLU HW quest image1.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
Learn Mind Blast.png  Mind Blast
Experience 1,740
Gil 546
Previous quest
Feature QuestBlue Collar Work
Next quest
Feature QuestScream Blue Murder

Martyn is eager to take you into the field for further training.

— In-game description


Mind Blast.png  Mind Blast is available via:


Open World




  • Martyn is eager to take you into the field for further training.
  • Now that you have learned Mind Blast, Martyn deems you ready for the next stage in his impromptu training regime. Once again, Spineless Basin is the chosen location, recalling unwelcome memories of being duped into exterminating a pest to help line Martyn's pockets.
  • This time, the locals have paid Martyn in advance to slay some troublesome moles, a task which he has wasted no time in delegating to you. He insists that this will also prove beneficial in improving your blue magic, since they provide moving targets on which to test your new Mind Blast spell.
  • Despite being outnumbered, your burgeoning blue magic makes short work of the mischievous moles. Now that the pests have been dealt with, you hope that Martyn has something to teach you in exchange for your hard work.
  • You find Martyn being accosted by a gang of thugs, to whom he apparently owes money. Although your instincts as an adventurer compel you to rush to the aid of your mentor, he is adamant that he can handle these ruffians by himself. Rather than using his blue magic to repel his assailants, Martyn attempts to appease them by surrendering his clothes. His plan works better than expected, and the moneylenders decide not to carry out their threats of bodily harm, although the matter of the borrowed coin is far from settled. Not one to be deterred by such setbacks, Martyn heads back to Ul'dah, seemingly paying no heed to the fact that he is almost as naked as the day he was born.
  • Thankfully, Martyn found a spare costume awaiting him on his return, although having to pay for it himself only adds to his woes. The unexpected arrival of Whastrach, an old acquaintance, does nothing to brighten Martyn's mood. The unwelcome visitor's voice drips with disdain as he takes great relish in pointing out that the blue mage has become a shadow of his former self since leaving the Arcanists' Guild. And though Whastrach mercifully chooses not to stay any longer than necessary, it seems that Martyn will be seeing more of his former associate sooner rather than later. At a questioning look from you, your mentor reveals that they once worked as researchers and traveled to the New World to study blue magic. When their funding was cut, Martyn practically bankrupted himself to pursue his passion, while Whastrach chose a more lucrative career as the head of a trading company. Keen not to dwell on the past, Martyn changes the subject to more immediate matters, and sets you the task of learning the Faze spell as the next step to becoming a master of blue magic.