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Beruru's Clues

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Beruru's Clues

Pictomancer quest image1.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.4, Y:9.7)
Experience 501,600
Gil 1,202
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Crate Beyond
Next quest
Feature QuestSomewhere Only She Knows

Kupopo makes no attempt to hide his sorrow.

— In-game description


  • Open the Kupopo-sized sack at the designated location.
  • Speak with Kupopo.
  • Defeat the rampaging zombies by the Sil'dih excavation site.
  • Speak with the Order of Nald'thal priest at Erralig's Burial Chamber.
  • Speak with Kupopo.


  • Kupopo makes no attempt to hide his sorrow.
  • As Kupopo continues to struggle with the revelation that Beruru may have died, you are approached by the art trader you previously aided. Out of concern for the moogle's well-being, he suggests you travel to Ul'dah and speak with an information monger who will likely know for certain what became of his friend. Cautiously optimistic, Kupopo agrees to go to Ul'dah, provided he may travel by hempen sack as before.
  • Wymond has plenty to share regarding Beruru's disappearance. After selling her master's finest works, the pictomancer supposedly used her profits to purchase a tomb at Arrzaneth Ossuary. Shaken by the news, Kupopo hurriedly flies off towards Erralig's Burial Chamber.
  • Kupopo begs an Ossuary priest to allow him to examine Beruru's coffin, but as the moogle is not family, he is promptly refused. The priest lets slip that he has more pressing concerns to address─efforts to expand the burial chambers have unearthed both an unmapped ruin and a horde of belligerent zombies. Kupopo, as is his wont, offers your services to him, and you are tasked with slaying the zombies, who are presently writhing about the Sil'dih excavation site.
  • By your hand are the living corpses consigned to oblivion. Kupopo and the priest will wish to hear of your accomplishment, and can doubtless still be found at the entrance to the burial chamber.
  • The priest is relieved to know that the zombie situation has been resolved. Having also realized that Kupopo and Beruru were like family, he agrees to open the coffin for the moogle's benefit. Yet when the moment comes, you discover it contains not Beruru, but a single painting, which Kupopo identifies as Janquetilaque's last work. Unsure what to make of this latest development, the moogle bids you speak with him outside the burial chamber.
  • With renewed hope that Beruru may yet live, Kupopo believes another approach may be necessary to find her. As he will require some time before recommencing the search, the moogle urges you not to shirk your training and return once you have grown more confident in your skills.
    • ※The next pictomancer quest will be available from Kupopo upon reaching level 90.