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Class Command.png
In general, there is a fourfold classification of adventurers based on the disciplinary paths to which they devote themselves. Battle classes are either a Disciple of War, masters of arms who live for the call of combat, or a Disciple of Magic, erudite researchers of all things esoteric. Non-combat classes can be either a Disciple of the Land, gatherers of material resources and students of the natural order, or a Disciple of the Hand, crafters who invest their creative ingenuity in synthesis and industry.

By making use of what is called the Armoury system, players may opt to specialize in one discipline, excelling in a single skill, or they may take a more general approach,

"Every soul must needs have a code, a purpose, to guide them. Else chaos would consume us all."

— The Determination of Being, Guillaurmand de Padellaint

Classes embody the character classes from other MMOs, and are the signature of every character in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. They offer starting skills and can grow into jobs, which further diversifies the player experience.


Final Fantasy XIV classes.
Eorzea is home to myriad disciplines, or classes, suitable to every adventuring style. Each class is capable of performing unique actions acquired through experience. Furthermore, achieving a certain level of mastery in a certain class will unlock its respective job, which feature even greater specialization. Every class can grow into one job, except for arcanists which can specialize into scholar or summoner.

To be better prepared to brave the wilds, all adventurers begin their journey as either a Disciple of War — a master of arms who lives for the call of battle — or a Disciple of Magic — an erudite researcher of all things esoteric.

Experienced adventurers can take up other martial classes to diversify their skills. If you seek more peaceful pursuits, you may consider becoming a Disciple of the Land — one who gathers and harvests Eorzea’s natural resources — or a Disciple of the Hand — one who uses these resources to craft wares and turn a profit.

Important: You can level all classes and jobs on one character.


Combat roles include all three facets that classes/jobs may perform.


Tank role.png Tanks are specialized in enduring damage and generating enmity (aggro) so that enemies won't chase healers or DPS. They have self buffs to support in damage reduction and aggro generation. This role can be identified by the blue-colored class/job golden frame icon.


Healer role.png Healers are specialized in healing your allies with heal-over-time spells, target spells, and area spells. They can also cleanse conditions from allies and cast restorative buffs on them. This role can be identified by the green-colored class/job golden frame icon.


DPS (Damage Dealers) include physical and magical damage. Both are aimed at dealing damage in a plethora of ways: precise single-target attacks, area bursts, damage-over-time, summon spells, magical area spells, etc. Some DPS jobs also have healing and tanking properties, but these are very occasional and are not the main focus on endgame content. This role can be identified by the red-colored class/job golden frame icon.

DPS is divided into:

  • Melee DPS role.png Melee DPS — Classes/jobs that perform closed range attacks and abilities.
  • Physical Ranged DPS role.png Physical Ranged DPS — Classes/jobs that perform physical ranged attacks.
  • Magic Ranged DPS role.png Magic Ranged DPS — Classes/jobs that perform magical ranged attacks.


Classes can be divided into two main categories, depending on gameplay: combat classes and crafting/gathering classes.


Combat classes and jobs have access to role actions, class/job actions, and class traits.

Class Disciple of Role Starting City Weapons Armor Job
Gladiator frame icon.png Gladiator War Tank Ul'dah Swords and Shields Plate Paladin frame icon.png Paladin
Marauder frame icon.png Marauder War Tank Limsa Lominsa Greataxes Plate Warrior frame icon.png Warrior
Arcanist frame icon.png Arcanist Magic Ranged Magical DPS* Limsa Lominsa Books Cloth Summoner frame icon.png Summoner
Scholar frame icon.png Scholar
Archer frame icon.png Archer War Ranged Physical DPS Gridania Bows Leather Bard frame icon.png Bard
Lancer frame icon.png Lancer War Melee Physical DPS Gridania Polearms Plate Dragoon frame icon.png Dragoon
Pugilist frame icon.png Pugilist War Melee Physical DPS Ul'dah Fist Weapons Leather Monk frame icon.png Monk
Rogue frame icon.png Rogue War Melee Physical DPS Limsa Lominsa Dual Daggers Leather Ninja frame icon.png Ninja
Thaumaturge frame icon.png Thaumaturge Magic Ranged Magical DPS Ul'dah Staves/Scepters** Cloth Black Mage frame icon.png Black Mage
Conjurer frame icon.png Conjurer Magic Healer Gridania Canes/Wands** Cloth White Mage frame icon.png White Mage

* Can become both Summoner (DPS) and Scholar (Healer).
** Can also equip some Shields with these one-handed weapons.

Note: Players can start the game as any of these classes except Rogue and unlock the others as they reach level 10 in their starting class.

Additional Jobs

These additional jobs do not have a corresponding class.

AST, DRK, and MCH were added in Heavensward. They require completion of the Main Scenario Quest Before the Dawn, and begin at level 30 when unlocked.

SAM and RDM were added in Stormblood. They require completion of the Main Scenario Quest The Ultimate Weapon, and begin at level 50 when unlocked.

Disciple of Role Starting City Weapons Armor Job
Magic Healer Ishgard Star Globes Cloth Astrologian frame icon.png Astrologian
War Tank Ishgard Greatswords Plate Dark Knight frame icon.png Dark Knight
War Ranged Physical DPS Ishgard Firearms Leather Machinist frame icon.png Machinist
War Melee Physical DPS Ul'dah Katanas Leather Samurai frame icon.png Samurai
Magic Ranged Magical DPS Ul'dah Rapiers Cloth Red Mage frame icon.png Red Mage

Crafting and Gathering

Crafting and gathering classes have access to regular actions, but traits are only available to gatherers.

Class Disciple of Role Guild Location Goods
Carpenter frame icon.png Carpenter Hand Crafting Gridania Wooden Weapons
Blacksmith frame icon.png Blacksmith Hand Crafting Limsa Lominsa Metal Weapons
Armorer frame icon.png Armorer Hand Crafting Limsa Lominsa Metal Armor
Goldsmith frame icon.png Goldsmith Hand Crafting Ul'dah Accessories
Leatherworker frame icon.png Leatherworker Hand Crafting Gridania Leather Armor
Weaver frame icon.png Weaver Hand Crafting Ul'dah Cloth Armor
Alchemist frame icon.png Alchemist Hand Crafting Ul'dah Potions
Culinarian frame icon.png Culinarian Hand Crafting Limsa Lominsa Food
Botanist frame icon.png Botanist Land Gathering Gridania Lumber, Ingredient
Fisher frame icon.png Fisher Land Gathering Limsa Lominsa Fish
Miner frame icon.png Miner Land Gathering Ul'dah Mineral
  • Crafting and Gathering classes are unlocked when your combat class reaches level 10. There are no jobs for these classes.
  • Dyes can be crafted by any crafting class at level 30 or higher. Each class also has a selection of Housing Item recipes starting around level 20.

Disciples of War

Disciples of War are physical melee and ranged classes that use weaponskills as their primary offensive abilities and TP as the resources for those abilities.


Gladiator icon

Gladiator is a class that specializes in swords and shields. With swords in their main hands and shields in their offhands, gladiators draw the attention of enemies and protect their allies from harm. The Gladiator's Guild is in the desert city of Ul'dah. If you choose gladiator as your first class, you will start off in the city of Ul'dah. At level 30, gladiator can acquire the job Paladin.

Gladiator is a Tank Class.


Pugilist icon

Pugilist is class that specializes in hand-to-hand combat. It is a physical, melee class that forgoes heavy armor in favor of mobility. Pugilist's Guild is in the desert city of Ul'dah. If you choose pugilist as your first class, you will start off in the city of Ul'dah. At level 30, Pugilist can acquire the job Monk.

Pugilist is a Physical Melee DPS Class.


Marauder icon

Marauder is a class that specializes in greataxes. The Marauder's Guild is in the marine city of Limsa Lominsa. If you choose marauder as your first class, you will start off in the city of Limsa Lominsa. The Marauder can acquire the job Warrior at level 30.

Marauder is a Tank Class.


Lancer icon

Lancer is a class that specializes in the use of polearms. It is a physical, melee class capable of using long spears, halberds and tridents. Lancer's Guild is in the forested city of Gridania. If you choose lancer as your first class, you will start off in the city of Gridania. At level 30, Lancer can acquire the job Dragoon.

Lancer is a Melee Physical DPS Class.


Archer icon

Archer is a class that specializes in bows. It is a ranged, physical class that prefers to strike their targets at a distance. The Archer's Guild is in the forested city of Gridania. If you choose archer as your first class, you will start off in the city of Gridania. At level 30 Archer can acquire the job Bard.

Archer is a Ranged Physical DPS Class.


Rogue icon

Rogue is a class that dual wield 2 dagger/blade weapons. It is a melee, physical DPS class that utilizes poisons and stealth. The Rogue's Guild is located in Limsa Lominsa. It cannot be your starting class. Players need another class to be level 10+ to unlock Rogue. Rogue evolves into the shadowy Ninja at level 30.

Rogue is a Melee Physical DPS Class.

Disciples of Magic

Disciples of Magic are classes that cast magical offensive or healing spells and use MP as their primary resources.


Conjurer icon

Conjurer is a class that specializes in earth, wind and healing magic. The Conjurer's Guild is in the forested city of Gridania. If you choose conjurer as your first class, you will start off in the city of Gridania. At level 30, Conjurer can acquire the job White Mage.

Conjurer is a Healing Class.


Thaumaturge icon

Thaumaturge is a class that specializes in destructive magic of Fire, Blizzard and Thunder. The Thaumaturge's Guild is in the desert city of Ul'dah. If you choose thaumaturge as your first class, you will start off in the city of Ul'dah. At level 30, the thaumaturge can acquire the job Black Mage.

Thaumaturge is a Ranged Magical DPS Class.


Arcanist icon

Arcanist is a class with powerful damage over time spells and the ability to summon carbuncle as their companion. The Arcanist's Guild is in the marine city of Limsa Lominsa. If you choose arcanist as your first class, you will start off in the city of Limsa Lominsa. At level 30, Arcanist can acquire the jobs Summoner (DPS) and Scholar (Healer).

Arcanist is a Ranged Magical DPS Class.

Disciples of the Hand

Crafting classes synthesize useful items such as weapons, armor, tools, accessories, food and potions from basic materials.


Carpenter icon

Carpenter works with wood to create bows, staves, tools and other items. The lumber they depend on are gathered by botanists. Carpenters are able to craft bows for archers, staves for conjurers, polearms for lancers and Macuahuitls for gladiators. They can also make wooden shields and masks for casters, In additions for weapons and armor for disciples of war, carpenters can also create fishing poles for fishers, grinding wheels for goldsmiths, spinning wheels for weavers and clogs for crafters.


Blacksmith icon

Blacksmith works with metals to create weapons such as swords and axes and tools. The ores they use are gathered by miners. Blacksmiths can create hand-to-hand weapons for pugilists, swords and daggers for gladiators, two-handed axes for marauders. In addition to weapons for disciples of war, they can also make various tools for crafting and gathering classes. Blacksmiths can forge hatchets and scythes for botanists, pickaxes and sledgehammers for miners, knives for culinarians and leatherworkers, hammers for goldsmith, blacksmiths and armorers, saws and hammers for carpenters, pliers for armorers, mortars for alchemists, awls for leatherworkers and files for blacksmith.


Armorer icon

Armorer works with metals to create plate and chain mail armor. Chain and plate armor are stronger than leather and cloth ones. Armors can create metal armor such as plate armor for marauder and gladiator, scale armor for tanks and lancer and helmets for gathering classes. They can also make frying pans for culinarians and alembics for alchemists along with heavy shields for gladiator and bucklers for casters.


Goldsmith icon

Goldsmith uses metals and gems to create accessories such as rings, earrings and necklaces. Goldsmith is reliant on miners for ores and gemstones. Goldsmiths can craft staves and scepters for thaumaturges and hora for pugilists. They can also make needles for weavers, accessories such as rings, earrings and bracelets for all classes and head gear such as circlets and spectacles for casters and crafters.


Leatherworker icon

Leatherworker uses hides, furs and pelts from slain animals to create leather armor of all kinds. Leather armor is stronger than cloth but weaker than chain and plate. Leatherworkers can create leather armor for pugilists, lancers and archers along with armor for gathering classes. They can also make hand-to-hand weapons for pugilists, shields for casters, rings and necklaces for gatherers and rings for other classes.


Weaver icon

Weaver utilizes fabric and fiber to create cloth armor. Cloth armor is weaker than plate and leather. Weavers can make armor for crafting classes, gathering classes and casters. They also make light armor with strength and dexterity.


Alchemist icon

Alchemist transforms materials into potions and elixirs. Alchemists can create consumables such as potions, ethers, elixirs, stat buffs, status cures and status inducers. They can also make wands for conjurers and books for arcanists.


Culinarian icon

Culinarian utilizes animal products and vegetables to create food items and some fishing tackles. Players can consume food items to receive temporary buffs. Meat and other animal products are found by slaying animals, fish are obtained by Fishers and vegetables are gathered by Botanists.

Disciples of the Land

Gathering classes harvest natural resources of Eorzea such as lumber, mineral and fish.


Miner icon

Miners extract minerals from ground in Eorzea. The raw ores and gemstones they acquire are utilized by the Blacksmith, Armorer and Goldsmith crafting classes.


Botanist icon

Botanists gather resources from the various plant lives of Eorzea. They gather raw materials for the various crafting classes, including Carpenter, Weaver, Culinarian and Alchemist.


Fisher icon

Fishers harvest fish and other sea creatures from the waters of Eorzea. The raw materials they gather are used by the Culinarian crafting class. When you fish, Fishing Tackles are expended. Different fishing tackles are used to catch different fish in various environments.

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