Always Bet on Black

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Always Bet on Black

Quest giver
Kazagg Chah
Eastern Thanalan (X:28, Y:21)

Black Mage
Experience 48,000
Gil 0
Previous quest
The Blood Must Flow
Next quest
Black Books

Kazagg Chah awaits you with news at Burgundy Falls.

— In-game description




Wizards coat icon1.png, Sorcerers coat icon1.png, Heros belt of casting icon1.png


  • Speak with Lalai in Ul'dah.


  • Kazagg Chah awaits you with news at Burgundy Falls.
  • Unable to learn the location of the Solace of the Gods and the final relic, Kazagg Chah directs you to call upon Ququruka once more. Perhaps Lalai will be able to assist you in gaining an audience with him.
  • Lalai has discovered that Ququruka is no prophet at all, but merely the vile criminal he was convicted of being one hundred years ago. He means to use the black magic at his command to open the Voidgate and summon forth Barbatos-- a monster capable of destroying all Eorzea. Follow Ququruka to Nald's Reflection in southern Thanalan and put an end to his maniacal scheme before it is too late.
  • You have vanquished Barbatos and heard from Ququruka the truth of all that has transpired these hundred years. The souls of Ququruka and his black mage brethren have finally been put to rest. Speak to Kazagg Chah, Dozol Meloc, and Da Za once more for closure.
  • You have spoken to the three black mage beastmen. All have forgiven Ququruka his sins, and pray their ancestors have done the same. Return to Burgundy Falls in eastern Thanalan and speak to Kazagg Chah once more.
  • Kazagg Chah is happy that you have chosen to walk the path of the black mage, and to have walked it with you. He vows to forever count you among both his friends and brethren.

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