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Gamboling for Gil

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Gamboling for Gil

Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.1, Y:15.1)
Quest line

Experience 167,400
Gil 1,983
Previous quest
Shall We Dance
Next quest
A Soirée in the Sultanate

Nashmeira eyes you with an enthusiastic expression.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Nashmeira at Costa del Sol.
  • Speak with Ranaa Mihgo.
  • Speak with Ranaa Mihgo again.
  • Speak with Nashmeira.
  • Execute a Closed Position with Nashmeira.
  • Dance the proper steps, then execute a Standard Finish.
  • Dance the steps again, then execute a Standard Finish.
  • Defeat the dancing dummy!
  • Defeat Ranaa in a dance battle!


  • Nashmeira eyes you with an enthusiastic expression.
  • Mistress Nashmeira officially welcomes you to the ranks of Troupe Falsiam, and elucidates the details of her proposed tour across Eorzea. There remains, however, one rather serious complication: the troupe has yet to secure a patron willing to fund the trip. Fortunately, Nashmeira has tracked down a promising prospect─and one who might be particularly receptive to a plea from you, at that. Make the trip to Costa del Sol with your newfound troupemates in hopes of winning over a certain merchant of wealth and influence.
  • You arrive in Costa del Sol and pay your respects to Master Gegeruju, the renowned aesthete who has expressed a willingness to fund Troupe Falsiam's tour. Your host, however, has one strict condition: before he promises you his aid, you must deliver him a performance unlike anything he has ever laid eyes on before. With encouragement from Nashmeira and Ranaa, you ready yourself to take the stage for the first time in your new career.
  • Under Mistress Nashmeira's guidance, your inaugural performance as a member of Troupe Falsiam is a smashing success─in particular the grand finale, a dramatic dance battle between you and Ranaa. But was it enough to win the heart and loosen the purse strings of the notoriously difficult Master Gegeruju? There is only one way to find out...
  • Master Gegeruju gives Troupe Falsiam a momentary scare when he petulantly threatens to withdraw his support, but your stony glare quickly convinces him that it would be unwise to renege on his agreement. On the contrary, the merchant generously offered to write a personal letter of recommendation on the troupe's behalf to be delivered to the Syndicate, that your performance in Ul'dah may be carried out without a hitch. Your business here complete, Nashmeira heads off to share the good news with her troupemates.
  • With Ranaa hoping to pick up a trick or two from Master Gegeruju's dancers, and Nashmeira needing to prepare for the next leg of the journey, Troupe Falsiam decides to sojourn in Costa del Sol until such time as the necessary arrangements have been made with the sultanate. The respite should afford you an excellent opportunity to hone your dancing skills, should you be so inclined.



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