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Out of the Blue

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Out of the Blue

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Quest giver
Zealous Yellowjacket
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.9, Y:11.0)
Required quest
The Ultimate Weapon
Experience 11,700
Gil 0
Next quest
Blue Leading the Blue

A Yellowjacket in need is a Yellowjacket indeed.

※This quest will unlock the blue mage job.

— In-game description





  • A Yellowjacket in need is a Yellowjacket indeed.
    • ※This quest will unlock the blue mage job.
  • A highly strung Yellowjacket is scanning the Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza for bright-eyed adventurers when you happen to cross her line of sight. After calling you over, she explains that she is investigating a supposed blue mage, who has been selling soul crystals purportedly capable of bestowing mysterious abilities. However, many of his customers say these wares are worthless, after receiving no such benefits. Since the Yellowjacket has little experience dealing with magic or crystals, she enlists your help to determine the authenticity of the alleged fraud's claims.
  • The self-proclaimed blue mage known as Martyn has set out his wares in the fields of Summerford and has gathered a small crowd of interested adventurers. He reveals that this esoteric school of magic was introduced to him by the Whalaqee people of the New World and its spells are learned from wild creatures by emulating the aetherial manipulation they use as self-defense. Martyn then proceeds to demonstrate an impressive selection of spells, leaving the onlookers awestruck. One potential customer raises concerns as to the risks involved with coming into close contact with ferocious beasts, leaving the others unsure about the validity of such a discipline. It is at this moment that two bloodthirsty Mamool Ja burst onto the scene, threatening to devour the adventurers, only to be stopped in their tracks by Martyn, who bombards them with yet more blue magic, sending them fleeing for their lives. This final display tips the scales in his favor and sets the crowd clamoring for the soul crystals, blue mage garments, and spellbooks that he has on offer. The Yellowjacket, however, still harbors doubts and believes the entire sales pitch to be nothing more than an elaborate ruse.
  • Hoping to gain further information on Martyn's activities, the Yellowjacket has pursued him as far as the La Thagran Checkpoint. It appears that his next destination is the Moraby Drydocks, where you hope to gain more information about this suspicious character's recent activities.
  • The guards at the Drydocks have seen Martyn scrounging for scraps of food from the mess hall, which strikes you as bizarre considering the amount of coin he seems to be making from the sales of his crystals. Although you and the Yellowjacket were unable to collar the man suspected of fraud, you have received information that he is heading in the direction of the Salt Strand.
  • Just as the Yellowjacket predicted, Martyn is in league with the two Mamool Ja, and their attack was staged to help sell the rather dubious merchandise to unsuspecting adventurers. When Martyn is faced with charges of fraud, he openly admits employing underhanded methods, but is adamant that the goods are exactly as described. He insists that any customer claiming that they failed to acquire any spells after purchasing a soul crystal has neglected to follow the instructions provided. The Yellowjacket, being unlearned in aetherial control, asks whether you would be willing to try Martyn's methods to learn a blue magic spell, and you reluctantly agree. The Mamool Ja assistants draw out a kraken to teach you the Water Cannon spell, and although the beast is considerably larger than anticipated, you bravely run to confront it. The blue magic focus you wield, being entirely bereft of any magical properties, serves as little more than a lightweight cudgel as you proceed to pummel the creature into submission, all the while fending off jets of high-pressured water. After you narrowly secure victory, Martyn is confident that you have adequately proven the authenticity of the soul crystal and requests that you return the blue mage paraphernalia. The Yellowjacket, on the other hand, remains unconvinced and requires more substantial evidence before lifting the charges.
  • Realizing that he must do more to escape arrest, Martyn foists upon you a full set of blue mage merchandise free of charge, in hopes that you will serve as living proof of the efficacy of his methods. While you are under no obligation to assist him any more than you already have, nonetheless, you accept the gift. Despite initially being part of the effort to secure his arrest, it seems you have been coerced into becoming his accomplice.