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The Real Folk Blues

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The Real Folk Blues

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Quest giver
Maudlin Latool Ja
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
Learn Glower.png  Glower
Experience 11,700
Gil 952
Previous quest
Feature QuestBlue Gold
Next quest
Feature QuestTurning Over a Blue Leaf

Latool Ja is doing a fine job of holding the fort in Martyn's absence.

— In-game description



Glower.png  Glower is available via:


Open World



  • Latool Ja is doing a fine job of holding the fort in Martyn's absence.
  • Latool Ja informs Martyn that you have learned the Glower spell, prompting your mentor to ignore the chirurgeon's advice once again and leave his sickbed to congratulate you. This achievement, however, pales in comparison to another piece of welcome news he has received─Whastrach has successfully delivered the medicine to the Whalaqee and the epidemic afflicting them has been eradicated. Unfortunately, Martyn's jubilations are short-lived when Ceadda, the young chirurgeon of the New World tribe, arrives with ill tidings. Whastrach has apparently taken lands sacred to the Whalaqee as his own, in an obvious attempt to seize the ceruleum-rich Lapis Canyon. Martyn is livid at the treachery of the man in whom he placed his trust, and rushes off to confront him at the processing plant in northern Thanalan.
  • You arrive to find Martyn and Ceadda already in the midst of a heated debate with Whastrach. The self-styled businessman states that the Whalaqee lands were acquired through a legally binding contract in exchange for the shipment of medicine and that the ceruleum mine he plans to open will give the Whalaqee an opportunity to become part of the modern world. Ceadda and Martyn vehemently disagree, saying that the elders were tricked into the agreement and that it is not for Whastrach to decide how they should live their lives. As the two sides reach an impasse, Royse interrupts to make a surprising revelation─not only is she Whastrach's financial backer, but she also told him of Martyn's plan to produce medicine for the Whalaqee. Although she was unaware of the extent of Whastrach's plans, she cannot decide which side of the argument she should support. To settle the matter, she suggests that Martyn and Whastrach meet in the Celestium and battle as blue mages, and promises to withdraw her investment should Martyn win. However, if he loses, he will be forced to persuade the Whalaqee to surrender their lands as per the agreement. Since Martyn is still recovering from his earlier injuries, you are selected to take his place, assuming the guise of “Azuro the Second.”
  • Back in Ul'dah, you participate in a practice demonstration of your spells, bedecked in your new Masked Carnivale outfit. It is then that Whastrach enters dressed as the terrifying Azulmagia, resembling a demon in more than simply outward appearance. You finally understand why his prowess as a blue mage is held in such high regard, as he unleashes an array of astonishingly potent magicks.
  • With your climactic encounter on the horizon, Royse suggests entering matches against her pit fiends first to hone your skills before facing your mentor's hated rival. Azulmagia awaits you in the final stage of the Masked Carnivale, but will your blue magic be enough to overcome him?