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Destruction in the Name of Justice

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Destruction in the Name of Justice

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.9, Y:13.5)
Black Mage
Experience 53,040
Gil 2,208
Previous quest
Feature QuestBlack Squawk Down
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Defiant Ones

Zhai'a Nelhah has contacted Lalai, requesting your assistance in the investigation into the Defiant. Speak with him at the Quicksand for further details.

— In-game description




During the Duty, there are 3 waves of enemies:

  • Wave 1: 3 Mages, dispatch them accordingly
  • Wave 2: 2 Mages, 2 Fissures that spawn enemies. Sleep the mages and nuke down the fissures first, ignore the spawns until the fissures are down.
  • Wave 3: 2 Mages, 3 Fissures. Same strategy as Wave 2. It helps to stand on top of the spawn point so you can sleep the 2 mages as well as the 3 initial spawns.


  • Speak with Zhai'a Nelhah at the Quicksand
  • Speak with the Temple Knight near the Arc of the Worthy
  • Speak with Zhai'a Nelhah at the Convictory
  • Gather information about the Defiant
  • Search for Zhai'a Nelhah southeast of the Convictory
  • Report to Lalai


  • Zhai'a Nelhah has contacted Lalai, requesting your assistance in the investigation into the Defiant. Speak with him at the Quicksand for further details.
  • The Conjurers' Guild had contacted the many cities of Eorzea, requesting any information that might lead to the apprehension of Waldeve and his dangerous cult. A response has finally come from the Temple Knights of Ishgard. The Defiant have been witnessed at the Holy See. Zhai'a Nelhah knows nothing of this nation and requests your assistance in following up on this sighting. Travel to the Arc of the Worthy in Ishgard and speak with the Temple Knights for more details concerning Waldeve's whereabouts.
  • You soon find a Temple Knight, who explains that the Defiant were recently proselytizing in the Holy See. When the Temple Knights moved to stop them, the cultists fled the city. However, the trail has not been lost. Reports now reach the capital that the Defiant have been seen at the Convictory, in the Coerthas western highlands. However, the Convictors do not share the Temple Knights' resolute steadfastness. Travel to the Convictory and stop the Defiant before they can rally these impressionable young soldiers to their cause.
  • There is no sign of the Defiant at the Convictory. Try asking some of the troops if they have seen any suspicious mages recently.
  • You question the Convictors and learn that, as best you can tell, none of them were fooled by the Defiant's promises of easy power. You also hear that the cultists have set up camp near the Swiftrun River, southeast of the Convictory. Unfortunately, it seems that Zhai'a Nelhah has heard this, too, and has headed off to confront them without you. Find him before he gets himself killed.
  • You find Zhai'a Nelhah in time to assist him in fending off an attack by the Defiant. He apologizes for his hypocrisy in attempting to engage the cultists alone. However, he goes on to explain that he feared the Defiant mages would lose control of their powers if forced to defend themselves against a black mage of your skill. With, once again, no Defiant survivors to question, you are left with no leads. Return to Lalai and pass on Zhai'a Nelhah's apologies.