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One Golem to Rule Them All

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One Golem to Rule Them All

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.9, Y:13.5)
Black Mage
Experience 216,000
Gil 3,800
Previous quest
Feature QuestUnnatural Selection
Next quest
Side QuestA Home for a Tome

Lalai is steeling herself for the final confrontation.

— In-game description





  • Lalai is steeling herself for the final confrontation.
  • The enemy gathers, and the time for the final confrontation draws nigh. Confident that you have primed your powers to the fullest, Lalai bids you join her─which is to say Shatotto─the Hearer Zhai'a Nelhah, and your beastman friends before the entrance to Anyx Trine. Prepare as you must and be on your way.
  • At Anyx Trine, Shatotto─who has once again roused herself from slumber─briefs you on the plan of attack. Before doing battle on the sacred peak of Sohm Al, however, Zhai'a Nelhah would have you seek the blessing of the dragons who call this place home. Shatotto consents to the proposal, and you set off to seek a word with your old friend Vidofnir.
  • You are relieved to hear that Vidofnir, too, did sense the golem menace, and has no objection with your proposed course of action. Shatotto, for her part, is eager that the dragons will not stand in the way of the destruction she hopes to wreak. As your beastman friends deal with the straggling golems attempting to scale the mountains, you prepare to scale the peak with the sorceress and Zhai'a Nelhah to do battle with the abomination that awaits you.
  • The mother of all golems is no more, and the comet that threatened to reduce the realm to rubble has sailed safely off to the heavens, with any fortune never to return.
  • Shatotto congratulates you on your efforts, declaring you a worthy heir to her legacy─and the legacy of black magic itself─before her memory fades away. Lalai offers her own words of praise, before promptly getting into another tiff with her eternal nemesis Zhai'a Nelhah. Leaving the Hearer behind to reflect upon matters of etiquette, you and Lalai set off to share tidings of your triumph with your beastman friends.
  • The beastmen rejoice upon hearing of your victory, and celebrate a triumphant day in the annals of black magic before taking their leave, proud to have reaffirmed your mutual friendship. Even Lalai and Zhai'a Nelhah come to a grudging but strong mutual acceptance─as the black mage thanks the Hearer for his efforts, and the Hearer promises to work for a day where practitioners of the black arts need no longer toil in the shadows. After Zhai'a cordially departs, Lalai invites you back to the Sacrarium to reflect upon the events of the day.
  • Reflecting on the Hearer's parting words, Lalai has made a resolution. She vows to follow the lead of Master Ququruka, putting every detail of your adventures together to paper in hopes that one day, the duties of your illustrious forebear and her friends will be known to the realm at large. Expressing her deep admiration for your profound mastery of the dark arts, she flashes a rare smile, deeply moved to have found another important calling in her life.


Throughout the fight the Gemstone Golem will cast Trounce, a large cone aoe that does considerable damage. Stand close to reduce the space needed to dodge this aoe. He will cast this either 1-2 times repeatedly.

At 75%, 2 meteors will fall, Crimson Shard and Sable Shard, marking their location on the ground. Run to the opposite side of the stage to reduce damage. Destroy both of these as soon as possible. If you fail to destory them in time, the Gemstone Golem will try to absord the aether of the Crimson Shard and Sable Shard will turn into an add, a humanoid Gemstone Golem, after casting Igneous Conception. These meteors will continue to fall throughout the fight.