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An Art for the Living

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An Art for the Living

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Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:10.9, Y:6.3)
Experience 216,000
Gil 3,200
Previous quest
Feature QuestOff the Record
Next quest
Side QuestTo Be Second Best

Y'mhitra is ready to depart for Azys Lla.

— In-game description





  • Y'mhitra is ready to depart for Azys Lla.
  • Y'mhitra tells you what she has learned in preparation for your journey to the research facility on Azys Lla, and informs you that Captain Wolf and his summoner squad will be providing military support. Make ready for the expedition, then rendezvous with your companions at Helix.
  • You join Y'mhitra and the others on Azys Lla, and the scholar urges you to begin the search for a control panel of some kind. Head towards your assigned area near the statues of the Warring Triad, and seek out a research facility terminal.
  • You approach a promising control panel only to find yourself set upon by a trio of clockwork soldiers. After defeating your ambushers, you once more stretch forth a hand to operate the terminal...
  • Your efforts at the terminal are rewarded by the appearance of Sari, who then proceeds to lay his challenge at your feet. Your companions arrive in time to witness the exchange, and Y'mhitra suggests that the “clone” is, in fact, some manner of summoned entity. Her observation seems supported by the evidence at hand, but gives rise to yet another question: who, then, is the summoner? Prepare yourself to face the formidable egi, then speak with Captain Wolf when you are ready to enter the facility.
  • After a shocking revelation, you discover that the strings of the Sari-egi were being pulled by a sentient machine─an invention of Sari which describes itself as an “evocation matrix.” All attempts to reason with the warped intelligence fail, and you and your companions are drawn into a battle of surreal proportions. Despite the bewildering capabilities of your opponent, however, you seize victory over the mechanical summoner. Join Y'mhitra by the statues of the Warring Triad, and discuss the aftermath of the battle.
  • With the evocation matrix destroyed, you have removed the final barrier to learning the secrets held within Principia's pages. Say your farewells to the summoning squad, and return to Gridania with Y'mhitra.
  • Upon your return, Captain Wolf shares the results of his last-moment investigation. He reports that he salvaged a number of soul crystals from the wreckage of the machine, as well as an accompanying record which explains the master summoner's descent into a bitter pessimism. You muse over Sari's disparate attempts to bequeath summoning to future generations, and the philosophical differences evident in the construction of Principia and the evocation matrix. The familiar itself seems satisfied to have entrusted you with its creator's knowledge, and content to leave the succession of summoning magic in your capable hands. Principia returns to its slumber, its purpose fulfilled...for now.