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Oboro's Big Idea

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Oboro's Big Idea

Oboros Big Idea.png
Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:21.2, Y:26.6)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestShadowbringers
Feature QuestCourage Born of Fear
Experience 448,800
Gil 1,863
Previous quest
Feature QuestWhen Clans Collide

Oboro is wearing a shite-eating grin on his face for reasons you can only begin to imagine.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.
The quest coordinates are deceiving - you actually need to find the dock storehouse and talk to Byakubu at (X:21.2 Y:26.6) to enter, then you are teleported to the quest location.


  • Speak with Oboro at the Long Climb.
  • Keep lookout for Karasu behind the Hermit's Hovel.
  • Search inside the Hermit's Hovel and retrieve the scroll.
  • Wait for Oboro at the Long Climb.
  • Speak with Oboro at the dock storehouse.
  • Wait for your friends at the Bismarck.
  • Speak with Oboro at the Rogues' Guild.


  • Oboro is wearing a shite-eating grin on his face for reasons you can only begin to imagine.
  • You reunite with Oboro, who cheerfully proclaims that he has at long last devised a plan to get the better of his longtime rival, Karasu Redbeak, and recover the half of the forbidden mudra scroll currently in the flamboyant ninja's possession. Splitting up so as not to attract attention, you make for the Hermit's Hovel─a bathhouse where Karasu has recently taken up residence─where Oboro means to elaborate on the details of his plan.
  • Upon your arrival, Oboro eagerly explains how he intends to thwart his rival. Oboro intends to distract Karasu in the midst of his daily bathing ritual, allowing you to sneak into the bathhouse and make off with the scroll─a strategy not unlike the one you employed on a previous adventure back in Kugane. Wait in the shadows at Oboro's instruction, and be prepared to make your move when Karasu has been lured away from the scene.
  • Oboro's ruse is a great success, as Karasu is all too willing to join him in a leisurely chat over some Hingan rice wine, leaving the bathhouse entirely unattended. Infiltrate the structure and sort through Karasu's belongings in search of the scroll before the wily ninja wises up to the situation and returns.
  • You succeed in finding the scroll alongside other considerably less helpful documents also scattered throughout the hovel. Make a discreet retreat and return to the Long Climb that you might rendezvous with Oboro and ascertain that what you found is indeed the authentic item.
  • Oboro rejoices upon seeing the scroll in your possession and declares the entire operation an unqualified triumph. He invites you to return to the dock storehouse that you might discuss matters further in private, and goes off on his way.
  • As Oboro revels in his triumph over his bitter rival, the two of you are joined by your mutual friend Captain Jacke of the Dutiful Sisters. Heartened by the unexpected reunion, the jovial rogue invites the both of you for celebratory dinner and drinks at the Bismarck, an offer which Oboro accepts gladly. Make your way to Limsa Lominsa, where you might share a fine feast with your companions.
  • At the Bismarck, your revelry is interrupted when Oboro rushes into the establishment half-naked. You and Captain Jacke quickly deduce that the “Oboro” whom you reunited with after the operation was none other than Karasu in disguise, a suspicion which is quickly confirmed when the savvy ninja reveals his true identity. The crow, victorious again over his erstwhile friend, offers a few mocking words, then turns into a bat and flaps away, leaving Oboro dejected and stark naked in the middle on the tavern floor. Jacke offers a few words of sympathy, and invites all of you back to the Sisters that you might find the poor man some clothes.
  • You arrive at the Sisters to find Oboro decked out in clothes from Captain Jacke's personal wardrobe, a particularly garish outfit to which the fashion-challenged ninja has inexplicably taken a liking. He fills you in on the particulars of his inglorious defeat at Karasu's hands, resolving in the end to get his revenge on his rival. After Oboro takes his leave, Captain Jacke encourages you not to be a stranger in La Noscea, as both he and your ninja friends will like as not have need of your services again.