Eye of the Dragon

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Eye of the Dragon

Dragoon quest image.png
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:14.3, Y:5.8)
Required quest
Experience 12,480
Gil 0
Previous quest
Proof of Might
Next quest
Lance of Fury

Ywain seeks your aid in assisting an old friend.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Ser Alberic at the Observatorium.
  • Speak with Logedanrel
  • Speak with Idristan at Florentel's Spire.
  • Speak with Logedanrel at the Observatorium.
  • Examine the campfire.
  • Report to Ser Alberic.


  • Ywain seeks your aid in assisting an old friend.
  • An Ishgardian friend of Ywain's requires aid, and the guildmaster would have you provide it. Make way to the Observatorium and seek out the man, a knight by the name of Ser Alberic.
  • Alberic has enlisted your aid in tracking down the Eye, a priceless Ishgardian relic that has been spirited away by a rogue dragoon named Estinien. Consult with Logedanrel for insight as to where the fugitive may have traveled.
  • Logedanrel suggests that you speak to the sentry Idristan at Florentel's Spire and inquire as to whether he has seen a man matching Estinien's description.
  • Idristand of Florentel's Spire insists that no dragoon in black armor has crossed the border. Return to Logedanrel and inform him that your trip was unfruitful.
  • Logedanrel suspects that the fugitive might still be in hiding within Ishgardian borders. Search the cavern east of the Observatorium for signs of a visitor.
  • Upon searching the campfire, you were ambushed by a dragoon clad in black steel. Return to Ser Alberic and tell him of your encounter.
  • Upon hearing of your encounter, Alberic confesses to you the truth. The dragoon you encountered was indeed Estinien, who is no ordinary thief, but rather the Azure Dragoon-- the chosen one-- and a former pupil of Ser Alberic's. Convinced that you have been chosen by the Eye, Alberic tasks you with retrieving the relic from Estinien.
  • The next dragoon quest will be available from Alberic upon reaching level 35.