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Female ♀
Lalafell (Dunesfolk)
Black Mage
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (12.9,13.5)
Order of Nald'thal
Quest NPC

It is my charge to give guidance to those who visit our Milvaneth Sacrarium in search of it.

— In-game description

Lalai is a Lalafell found in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
You'll Never Go Back Job quest 35 Lalai
International Relations Job quest 40 Lalai
Black Books Job quest 50 Lalai
An Unexpected Journey Job quest 52 Lalai
A Cunning Plan Job quest 54 Lalai
Black Squawk Down Job quest 56 Lalai
Destruction in the Name of Justice Job quest 58 Lalai
The Defiant Ones Job quest 60 Lalai
Shades of Shatotto Job quest 60 Lalai
Golems Gone Wild Job quest 63 Lalai
When the Golems Get Tough Job quest 65 Lalai
Unnatural Selection Job quest 68 Lalai
One Golem to Rule Them All Job quest 70 Lalai
A Home for a Tome Sidequest 80 Lalai

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Taking the Black Job quest 30 Yayake
Always Bet on Black Job quest 50 Kazagg Chah

Additional Information

A priestess of the Order of Nald'thal. During a visit to the Marasaja Pit to hear the confession of a prisoner, Lalai was distracted by the presence of powerful magicks. Seeking to identify the source of this arcane disturbance, she ventured into the deepest reaches of the prison. There, she encountered Ququruka Tataruka, a legendary mage who had spent the past century meditating in unbroken confinement. His vast knowledge of divine myth and ancient thaumaturgy ignited in her a burning curiosity—a ravenous flame that demanded to be fed. Thus it was that her frequent duties within the Pit masked her gradual initiation into the art of black magic at the foot of her imprisoned master.

Wizard's Attire: A raiment of the black mage. Resplendent after two thousand years, this garb from the Fifth Astral Era is shot through with hex-spun mythril. Such innovations give away this seemingly innocent piece of clothing as the invest for summoning creatures from the void—that otherworldly plane which makes sport of the sanity of man.

Stardust Rod: A sorcerous staff crafted in the Fifth Astral Era by Shatotto, thaumaturge of black repute. Fashioned from the remnants of a star ripped from its course by destructive magic, her Stardust Rods enjoy the highest regard from the worst sort of people. Death's Handmaiden was one of Shatotto's epithets, and despite the ravages of age, her relics live up to their dark reputation.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 1

Shatotto is a reference to Final Fantasy XI's Shantotto, who was the Black Mage trainer in that game and a fan-favorite character.