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Hands of Healing

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Hands of Healing

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Quest giver
South Shroud (X:18.6, Y:27.1)
White Mage
Experience 100,000
Gil 1,005
Previous quest
Feature QuestTrials of the Padjals
Next quest
Feature QuestUnease in East End

Raya-O would call a meeting to discuss measures against the taint.

— In-game description




The coffer contents are the Artifact Armor for Heavensward, which is Item Level 210 former Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics gear. The coffer was added to this quest with the launch of Stormblood. The rest of the set is available at Yolaine in Foundation (X:13.1, Y:11.9) for Centurio Seal Centurio Seals.



  • Raya-O would call a meeting to discuss measures against the taint.
  • Raya–O informs you that she and A–Ruhn have conceived a plan to deal with the taint. Go and fetch Eschiva from Fallgourd Float, that they might share the particulars with everyone.
  • Eschiva is surprised that the Seedseers still wish to see her in spite of her earlier display. Deciding that she may have been too quick to judge them, she agrees to come with you to Camp Tranquil.
  • Much to Eschiva's relief, her words have reached Raya–O and A–Ruhn; the two Seedseers have resolved to leave the Twelveswood in order to help you purge the taint. With their heightened sensitivity to aether, they believe they can ascertain the site of Alaqa's experiment. Make your way to the Dravanian forelands, where you last saw Alaqa, and join Eschiva and the Seedseers at Tailfeather.
  • Shortly after arriving at Tailfeather, A–Ruhn senses an anomaly in the aether emanating from the northwest. A cavern called Mourn lies in that direction, along with a water vein, and the party decides to investigate it. Brave the dragon-infested area and search for Alaqa.
  • Deep within the cavern of Mourn, you find Alaqa just as she completes her experiment─an undead dragon whose existence is sustained by the taint. Upon confronting her, the Au Ra justifies her actions as self-preservation: her tribesmen have suffered much at the hands of the ignorant, and she desires but to protect them. Having said her piece, she unleashes her pet upon you, but you succeed in overcoming it and purifying the taint which gave it life. With her dreams of vengeance thus shattered, all of the fight goes out of Alaqa.
  • Though Alaqa must answer for her crimes, Raya–O offers her words of hope for the future. Watching on from a distance, A–Ruhn resolves to do as A–Towa–Cant once did and go wheresoever his powers are needed, be it to the ends of the world. With gratitude, he accepts Eschiva's offer to accompany him as he embarks upon his journeys.
  • The two Seedseers shall see the misguided Au Ra given over to the Wood Wailers. Afterwards, Raya–O bids you and Eschiva come to see her and A–Ruhn at Camp Tranquil, that they might properly thank you for your services to the Twelveswood.
  • You bid Eschiva farewell as she departs with A–Ruhn. Together with her siblings, Raya–O vows to continue preserving the harmony of the forest, protecting it from threats both within and without. With your newfound powers, go forth and shine the light of succor and solace across all the realm.