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Male ♂
Lalafell (Dunesfolk)
Foundation (13.4,12.4)
Quest NPC

Call it a showmaster's instincts, but from the moment I met Musosai, I knew he was no ordinary old man. I knew he was going to bring in money, and lots of it!

— In-game description

Momozigo Mumuzigo is a Lalafell found in Foundation.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Face of True Evil Job quest 60 Momozigo

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Way of the Samurai Job quest 50 Ul'dahn Citizen
A Fraudster in the Forest Job quest 56 Musosai
Tears in the Snow Job quest 58 Musosai


"Come one, come all, and marvel at a mystery of the Far East! A swordsman hailing from exotic Hingashi, whose bladework is quicker than the eye can see!"

A Dunesfolk showmaster twenty and seven years of age, Momozigo was orphaned at an early age, managing to survive in the back alleys of Ul’dah thanks to his resourcefulness and silver tongue. His career in commerce, which began with the success of such dubious products as his “salubrious sandals,” quickly proved to be his one true calling, and by holding gladiatorial tourneys, dance exhibitions, concerts, and more, he quickly laid claim to a loyal clientele across the realm. One fateful day in Vesper Bay, he was nearly slain by bandits he had mistakenly recruited as gladiators, only to be saved by the samurai Musosai. Ever looking to turn a profit, he recruited the Hingan warrior for his spectacle, where he encountered an adventurer of some repute. His almost impure love of money masks a sensitive heart with a surprising sense of morality and obligation to his fellow man.

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