A Joye-ful Reunion

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A Joye-ful Reunion

Quest giver
Foundation (X:8.1, Y:10.1)

Previous quest
Pushing the Brume
Next quest
Wheels of Justice

Stephanivien would have you join the House Dzemael operation.

— In-game description






  • Speak with Stephanivien in Falcon's Nest.
  • Speak with the manufactory machinist in the Brume.
  • Use Hot Shot on the weak-kneed watch.
  • Speak with Rostnsthal at the Black Iron Bridge.
  • Speak with Stephanivien.
  • Speak with Stephanivien at the Skysteel Manufactory.
  • Defeat the Dravanians!


  • Stephanivien would have you join the House Dzemael operation.
  • Stephanivien has at last received the details of your joint operation with House Dzemael. House Haillenarte is to aid in the defense of Falcon's Nest by eliminating the Dravanian forces gathering upon the Black Iron Bridge. Head to the Coerthas western highlands and join Stephanivien in the beleaguered settlement.
  • You arrive in Falcon's Nest to find that none of your fellow machinists have responded to Stephanivien's call for arms, necessitating that the count sally forth with what few knights he could muster...and a reluctant Rostnsthal. While you discuss your limited options, however, Celestaux arrives with the news that Joye's father is being held prisoner in the Brume. Return to Ishgard, and speak with the manufactory machinist in Foundation.
  • The machinist in the Brume points out the door behind which Joye's father is supposedly being held. Approach the weak-kneed watch, and intimidate him with a Hot Shot.
  • With Stephanivien's timely assistance, you have little trouble in persuading the guard to free his prisoner. Now that her father is liberated, the manufactory chief believes he can convince Joye to return to the rank of the machinists. Hurry back to the Coerthas western highlands and join Rostnsthal in the battle on the Black Iron Bridge.
  • You replace an injured Rostnsthal on the front lines, and help House Haillenarte make short work of the marauding Dravanians. Speak with Stephanivien, and discuss Tedalgrinche's treachery.
  • Stephanivien praises you for your part in rescuing Joye's father and for your victory over the Dravanian forces. With Joye returned to both the machinists and the manor house, the manufactory chief is eager to raise a glass in celebration. Return to the Skysteel Manufactory and speak with Stephanivien.
  • Though Stephanivien is cheered to think that your exploits have further impressed the Holy See, he is also wary of Tedalgrinche's escalating villainy. Practice the new technique passed on to you from Rostnsthal, and remain vigilant for the treachery of House Dzemael.

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