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A Rewarding Struggle

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A Rewarding Struggle

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Quest giver
X'rhun Tia
Eastern Thanalan (X:11.5, Y:22.0)

Red Mage
Experience 48,360
Gil 1,333
Previous quest
The Crimson Duelist
Next quest
Tracking the Cabal

X'rhun is ready to continue the investigation into the mystery cabal.

— In-game description



  • X'rhun Tia is ready to continue the investigation into the mystery cabal.
  • X'rhun Tia inquires after your training, and suggests another round of practical experience. Head inside the Church of Adama Landama, and hear what Father Iliud has to share regarding your sigil-branded ambushers.
  • Father Iliud recalls a similar kidnapping incident in Ul'dah which resulted in the sorcerous death of an Ala Mhigan-born merchant and his son. Fearing that the girls' father, Wilkin, was the true target of the cabal, you resolve to meet with the merchant and warn him of the danger. Join X'rhun in the entrance hall of the Manderville Gold Saucer.
  • ※The Gold Saucer is unlocked by completing the quest “It Could Happen to You
  • ※The quest “It Could Happen to You” also requires you to have completed the main scenario quest “The Envoy
  • You rendezvous with X'rhun, and he expresses a desire to observe the merchant in his dealings before making contact. Make your way to the Manderville Lounge, and listen in on Wilkin's meeting.
  • From a discreet distance, you overhear Wilkin offering some manner of contribution to a nervous-looking youth. Confront the merchant about the true nature of this exchange.
  • Wilkin confesses to his clandestine support of the Resistance, and X'rhun explains how such actions have likely marked him for assassination. The merchant mentions a forthcoming trek into western Thanalan, and you offer your protection as you continue investigations into the mysterious cabal. Head to Vesper Bay, and coordinate your efforts with X'rhun.
  • Upon your arrival in Vesper Bay, X'rhun proposes that you each scout out the two most likely sites for an ambush. Venture into the tunnel that leads into the port town, and scour the area for assassins.
  • You defeat the force lurking in the tunnel. Return to Vesper Bay and report your success to X'rhun.
  • After commending you on a job well done, X'rhun tells of how he purposefully let one of the assassins escape. The Crimson Duelist bids you make sure of Wilkin's arrival in Vesper Bay, then leaves to track the fleeing mage.
  • You meet with Wilkin at the entrance to the port town, and the thankful merchant hands you a token of his gratitude. Seek out X'rhun near the coast of the Footfalls that you might share with him Wilkin's reward.
  • You find X'rhun standing at the cliff's edge, having witnessed his quarry being fished from the sea by a rowing boat and ferried to a merchantman anchored out in the bay. Though occupied by thoughts of the cabal's hidden leader, X'rhun is distracted by the gift you have brought from Wilkin. According to a note that accompanied the parcel, it seems that this is not the first time the Crimson Duelist has saved the merchant's life. A firm believer in fighting for the common good, X'rhun's resolve seems further strengthened by this simple acknowledgement of his deeds.
    • ※The next red mage quest will be available from X'rhun Tia upon reaching level 54.