Looking the Part

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Looking the Part

Warrior quest image.png
Quest giver
Curious Gorge
Eastern La Noscea (X:30, Y:23)
Experience 11,880
Gil 0
Previous quest
Curious Gorge Goes to Wineport
Next quest
Proof Is the Pudding

Curious Gorge would send you searching for ancient relics.

— In-game description



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  • Speak with Curious Gorge.
  • Equip the warrior's armor and speak with Curious Gorge.
  • Speak with Curious Gorge.


  • From his continued study of the ancient texts, Curious Gorge has ascertained the final resting places of three pieces of his ancestors' lost armor. Travel to Boulder Downs in Coerthas, Camp Tranquil in the South Shroud, and Parata's Peace in western Thanalan to unearth the relics.
  • You have gathered three pieces of the lost armor of Curious Gorge's tribe. Return to Hidden Falls and speak with your mentor.
  • Curious Gorge would see you dodn the relics you have obtained. Equip the armor and speak with your mentor once more.
  • Curious Gorge is most impressed after seeing the armor upon you. He tells you that he also found one of the remaining two pieces, but the warrior is unsure of its legitimacy. While he attempts to reason out what is wrong, you should continue your search for the next relic, which he believes to be sealed away at Red Mantis Falls.
  • You have indeed found a fourth relic at Red Mantis Falls, just as Curious Gorge surmised. Return to Hidden Falls and inform your mentor.
  • Having done further research with the ancient texts, Curious Gorge now understands why the relic he found did not respond to him. The events at Wineport drained his soul crystal of its vibrance, causing the armor to deny him its powers, lest his soul in its weakened state be devoured. Your mentor, having feared such reasoning, left the breastplate where it lay. While he has more confidence in your ability to control it, he would make certain you are prepared before seeking it yourself. When you feel you are ready, speak with him again.