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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
Learn Northerlies.png  Northerlies
Experience 12,285
Gil 848
Previous quest
Feature QuestInto the Blue Again
Next quest
Feature QuestBolt from the Blue

Martyn plans to teach Nutiba Buntiba and P'yandih a lesson.

— In-game description


Northerlies.png  Northerlies is available via:

Open World

Creature Level Race Clan Location
Lone Yeti 51 Beastkin Yeti Coerthas Western Highlands (21.6,32.9)
Slate Yeti 56 Beastkin Yeti Coerthas Western Highlands (17,26)




  • Martyn plans to teach Nutiba Buntiba and P'yandih a lesson.
  • With Northerlies now part of your collection of spells, Martyn is eager to have you demonstrate the proper form and technique of a blue mage to P'yandih and Nutiba Buntiba. The two apprentices eagerly await your arrival in Hammerlea, where the lesson is to be held, though exactly what skills you are expected to impart has yet to be explained.
  • Shortly after reaching Hammerlea, Martyn reveals that you will be engaging a mammet borrowed from the Celestium in combat, in order to show the students the practical applications of blue magic. Your self-proclaimed mentor gives you a moment to collect your thoughts before he activates the adorable yet deadly axe-wielding automaton.
  • The arena viking's slow, deliberate swings prove no match for your swift and precise blue magic spells, and before long, the mammet lies motionless at your feet. Martyn, however, is visibly distraught by the sight of the expensive machine being rendered inoperable, since he will no doubt have to find the coin to pay for its repairs.
  • Nutiba Buntiba and P'yandih observe that your nimble footwork and relentless barrage of attacks were the deciding factors in your victory, and it seems that a valuable lesson has been learned. With the demonstration having reached its conclusion, Martyn leads the way back to Ul'dah.
  • At the Blue Mages' Guild, you learn that not only is Martyn charging his apprentices for his tuition, but that the demonstration that you provided actually set them back more than the usual amount. He claims that this is a means to an end, as their contributions are required for the day-to-day running of the guild. Perhaps in a somewhat hurried attempt to change the subject, he approaches the topic of the various roles that adventurers fulfill when forming groups to go exploring. Normally, the members divide their duties between offense, defense, and healing, whereas in the blue mage's case, it is possible for them to perform all of these duties simultaneously. In fact, there have been several reports of parties comprised entirely of blue mages meeting with considerable success on such quests. Martyn is keen to investigate this further, in the hopes he will be able to prove the effectiveness of his guild's members in real combat situations. In the meantime, he requests that you prepare for the next lesson with Nutiba Buntiba and P'yandih by mastering Whistle, a spell which he presumably already possesses himself.
    • ※The next blue mage quest will be available from Martyn upon reaching level 55 and learning Whistle.