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Search for the Stolen Scroll

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Search for the Stolen Scroll

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Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:20.8, Y:26.6)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Far Edge of Fate
Experience 100,000
Gil 1,312
Previous quest
Feature QuestIn Her Defense
Next quest
Feature QuestNinja Bathin' Redux

Oboro has the look of a man who has seen better days.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Jacke at the Rogues' Guild.
  • Speak with I'tolwann at the Drowning Wench.
  • Speak with Jacke at the Bulwark Hall.
  • Rendezvous with Jacke in Wineport.
  • Search for suspicious Easterners at Bloodshore.
  • Rendezvous with Jacke.
  • Speak with Oboro at the dock storehouse.


  • Oboro has the look of a man who has seen better days.
  • You find your old friend Oboro at something of a loss. News of his deeds on behalf of Princess Yuki have reached his village, revealing to the elders that he is hale, hearty, and entirely capable of making the journey home. Despite this, they do not seem particularly eager to welcome him back, a development which has the young shinobi feeling decidedly unappreciated. As Oboro laments his plight, he remembers that there is someone who requires his aid─Captain Jacke of the Rogues' Guild, who would investigate some shady Domans that have been stirring up trouble of late. Resolving to assist your friend and mentor in whatever way you can, you set out for Limsa.
  • Jacke relates to you a curious tale. The Krakens captured a crew of self-styled Doman sailors in the eastern seas, who offered all the treasures in their cargo hold in exchange for amnesty and safe passage to Eorzea. No sooner had the ship dropped anchor, however, than the Easterners vanished into the dark of night, taking with them only an inconspicuous scroll. Petty theft though it may be, the code is the code, and Jacke would see the scroll returned and the men brought to justice. At the guildmaster's behest, you make for the Drowning Wench to see if I'tolwann knows aught of the men's whereabouts.
  • As I'tolwann tells it, a group of boisterous Easterners visited the Wench not long before, shouting loudly and conspicuously about a profitable transaction they intend to make in Wineport. Jacke will doubtless be eager to hear the news.
  • Jacke listens to your report with great interest. Though more than a bit leery of how openly the men discussed their shady dealings, a lead is a lead. You set out for Wineport with Oboro and Jacke, taking care to watch your back and with your eyes and ears open.
  • Your arrival in Wineport is minutes too late─the men have already made off with a haul of wine, and were sighted heading for Bloodshore. Suspecting that it may not be meant for sale, but rather to slake a crew's thirst on a long ocean voyage, Jacke deduces that they intend to furtively sail back home with the ill-gotten scroll. Make for the south of Bloodshore and keep your eyes out for any suspicious Easterners.
  • You come upon three Hingan swordsman enjoying some of Wineport's finest on the beach. Not taking kindly to the interruption, they immediately draw their blades. Though you are able to make short work of them, the scroll is nowhere to be found. Head north to rendezvous with Jacke and Oboro, with the hope that their search has proved more fruitful than your own.
  • Jacke and Oboro are no worse for the wear after a similar scuffle with Hingan ruffians, but have gained no insight into the whereabouts of the scroll you seek. No sooner have you begun to ponder your next course of action when you are greeted by the sudden presence of the black marketeer from the House of Sticks, who─much to everyone's surprise─immediately reveals himself to be none other than Karasu Redbeak, Oboro's erstwhile friend and nemesis. As is his wont, Karasu speaks in riddles, cryptically alluding to a greater plot involving the scroll while offering precious little in the way of actual details─save that your true quarry sails for Kugane as you speak. Karasu disappears in a puff of smoke, and Oboro─clearly flustered─suggests that the three of you retreat to the nearby ninja hideout to discuss your next course of action in secret.
  • At the dock storehouse, you and your two companions come up with a plan. Jacke will sail ahead to Hingashi, with Oboro accompanying as a guide. In the meantime, you will train and hone your skills as a ninja, that you may be ready to answer the call when they need you. Bidding them a safe journey, you resolve to take your mastery of ninjutsu to new levels, as there is no telling what dangers await you across the Ruby Sea.
    • ※The next ninja quest will be available from Yomei upon reaching level 63.