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Guydelot Thildonnet


Guydelot the Spent
Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)

The Gods' Quiver

A bard native to Gridania who spent his youth learning the bow in the hunter's trade. Like many a young archer before him, Guydelot aspired to join the Gods' Quiver. Upon realizing his heart's desire, however, he found that the strict rules and traditions of the organization were at odds with his carefree upbringing. Thus is was that he earned a reputation as the recruit with commendable skill but lamentable discipline. Seemingly fated to languish in the lower ranks of the Gods' Quiver, he one day chanced to meet the roving minstrel Jehantel. The romance of the old battlesongs captured Guydelot's imagination, and it was not long before the young Elezen had embraced the mellifluous world of the bard.

— In-game description

Guydelot Thildonnet is an Elezen.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Sweet Dreams Are Made of Peace Job quest 70 Guydelot

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
On the Road Again Job quest 50 Jehantel
The Stiff and the Spent Job quest 52 Sanson
Requiem on Ice Job quest 54 Sanson
The Ballad of Oblivion Job quest 60 Sanson
Three's a Company Job quest 60 Jehantel
Masked Motives Job quest 63 Sanson
One Autumn's Secret Job quest 65 Sanson
Sleeping Truths Lie Job quest 68 Sanson
A Harmony from the Heavens Sidequest 80 Jehantel


Zone Coordinates Level range
New Gridania (X:15, Y:12)
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:23, Y:21)
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:6, Y:22)
The Churning Mists (X:3, Y:37)
New Gridania (X:20, Y:26)
The Fringes (X:8, Y:11)
The Fringes (X:9, Y:10)
The Fringes (X:25, Y:14)
The Fringes (X:10, Y:18)
New Gridania (X:10, Y:11)
North Shroud (X:16, Y:30)
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:7, Y:13)
The Dravanian Forelands (X:33, Y:23)
The Sea of Clouds (X:33, Y:23)
The Sea of Clouds (X:18, Y:5)
New Gridania (X:9, Y:11)

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