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Master of Mimicry

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Master of Mimicry

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Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.8, Y:9.5)
Blue Mage
Learn Aetherial Spark.png  Aetherial Spark
Experience 0
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestWhere the Gold Goes
Next quest
Feature QuestA Future in Blue

Martyn appears to have mastered the art of teahouse customer service.

— In-game description



Aetherial Spark.png  Aetherial Spark is available via:

Open World

Creature Level Race Clan Location
Salt Dhruva 69 Elementals Dhruva The Lochs (22,23)



  • Martyn appears to have mastered the art of teahouse customer service.
  • Martyn, despite settling in well at the teahouse, has had little luck in convincing Kageyama to allow a rematch. Enter Royse. Driven beyond the limits of her patience and determined to take matters into her own hands, the Celestium's manager arrives in Kugane like a wrathful storm. She informs you of the appointment she has arranged with Nutiba Buntiba outside the castle gates, and commands you to accompany her there at once.
  • After admitting his part in exploiting Royse and Martyn's accomplishments, a shamefaced Nutiba lays before you the sorry tale of his betrothal and subsequent servitude as a prisoner of Kageyama's ruthless manipulations. Then, as if summoned by the cursing of his name, Kageyama emerges from the castle with Golden Goliath in tow. At first, he balks at Royse's insistence on a rematch, but once she sweetens the pot with ownership rights to the Masked Carnivale, the Kugane merchant prince seems positively eager to seal the deal. You and Golden Goliath are now scheduled to duel in the Celestium, an arrangement which sees you and Martyn packing your bags for the return journey to Ul'dah.
  • Royse meets you at the Blue Mages' Guild with a new costume and a sudden pre-match date with Gogo, Master of Mimicry, in which the challenger to your title is introduced to the Celestium's cheering crowd. With the gauntlet decidedly thrown down, you find yourself back on the street with Royse, the strident voice of the announcer still ringing in your ears.
  • Royse urges you on to victory before departing on some managerial errand, leaving Martyn to advise you on what he considers to be a winning strategy. It seems that, once again, the fate of the Celestium rests upon your azure-clad shoulders. Enter the Masked Carnivale, and unleash a tempest of blue magic that even the Master of Mimicry cannot hope to imitate!