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Choices and Paths

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Choices and Paths

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Quest giver
The Peaks (X:22.5, Y:5.6)
Experience 108,000
Gil 3,074
Previous quest
Feature QuestCross-fist Training
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Power to Protect

Widargelt remains in the depths of despair.

— In-game description



  • Widargelt remains in the depths of despair.
  • Widargelt still needs time to process his recent defeat and the revelations about his past. But in spite of his own woes, he manages to show concern for his disciples, and asks that you speak with them and lift their spirits.
  • You look in on D'zentsa and O'tchakha, who in turn express their concern for their master. Uncertain what to do, they decide to turn to the ever insightful Erik. While they keep an eye on the despairing Widargelt, they bid you fetch the professor from Rhalgr's Reach, home of the Resistance, where he is making his inquiries.
  • You find Erik just as he finishes asking Resistance soldiers about the mysterious Theobald. After sharing with you his findings, he agrees to accompany you back to Ala Gannha to have a stern word with Widargelt.
  • Widargelt has largely come to terms with his defeat; rather, the revelation of his true identity as the nephew of the King of Ruin has made him question his fitness to revive the Fist of Rhalgr. Through a tale about his departed son, Erik teaches Widargelt that a man is defined not by his blood, but by the choices he makes. His vigor and purpose thus restored, Widargelt turns his attention to what must be done. He reveals his suspicion that Theobald is in fact someone known to him: a brother from the Temple of the Fist named Adri, whom he had long believed dead. If it comes to it, Widargelt stands ready to strike him down, and he asks that you train him and his disciples in the way of the pugilist, that they might defeat the Corpse Brigade. Make your way to the old training grounds and begin their training.
  • Widargelt and his disciples prove eager students, and they quickly grasp the fundamentals of pugilism. As you train, a man named Hewerald arrives bearing the news that Erik has made a momentous discovery pertaining to Theobald. While your students continue their training, you decide to follow the messenger to East End, where the professor awaits.
  • The meeting with Erik turns out to be a trap, and you are forced to defend yourself. As you gain the upper hand, however, the battle transforms into a hostage situation. Just when it seems you must surrender, Widargelt and his disciples come to the rescue, having used their newfound fighting skills to overwhelm the sentries posted around the forest.
  • With the enemy thus routed, you may turn your attention to the liberated Erik.
  • Erik is well considering his ordeal, and your friends set out for Ala Gannha. Join them back at the village and speak with Widargelt to learn of his plans.
  • Widargelt declares his intent to challenge Theobald and put an end to his tyrannical ambitions. As your brother monk prepares for the encounter, see to it that you hone your own fists and feet.
    • ※The next monk quest will be available from Widargelt upon reaching level 70.