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Tracking the Cabal

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Tracking the Cabal

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Quest giver
X'rhun Tia
Western Thanalan (X:11.9, Y:12.8)

Red Mage
Experience 49,920
Gil 1,304
Previous quest
A Rewarding Struggle
Next quest
A Vermilion Vendetta

X'rhun awaits word of the merchantman's destination.

— In-game description



  • X'rhun awaits word of the merchantman's destination.
  • X'rhun receives news from a distant contact that the ship to which the surviving assassin was ferried has been spotted weighing anchor in western La Noscea. Make your way to Aleport and rendezvous with the Crimson Duelist.
  • Unsure of the significance of the merchantman, X'rhun proposes a circuit of the port to gossip with the locals. Speak with the people of Aleport, and uncover what information you can regarding the unknown vessel.
  • You have questioned several locals and formed an impression of the ship and its crew. Report your findings to X'rhun.
  • After hearing that your discoveries largely match his own, X'rhun seems convinced that the merchantman serves the assassins as a floating base. Despite rumors that the ship's trading route brings it into contact with imperial vessels, however, a lack of evidence has discouraged authorities from conducting a full investigation. Examine the cargo belonging to the merchantman, and search for proof of the crew's unlawful deeds.
  • In addition to the discovery of a trove of imperial supplies, your eventful investigation of the ship's cargo has also left you in possession of a large key. Seek out X'rhun Tia, and share what you have found.
  • X'rhun examines the key, and wonders if it might open the one box he was unable to open. Try the key on the locked crate whilst X'rhun presents the incriminating evidence to the authorities.
  • You open the crate to find a befuddled young woman. She appears to suffer from memory loss, and hesitantly identifies herself as “Arya.” Seeking to conceal her escape from the merchantman's crew, X'rhun suggests finding lodgings at the nearby inn.
  • Exhausted by her ordeal, Arya has collapsed into a deep sleep. X'rhun ushers you outside that you might discuss the fate of the assassins and their ship.
  • X'rhun reports that the Yellowjackets acted immediately upon confirming his evidence, but by the time their soldiers arrived at the docks the merchantman was already fleeing to open water. Although not the perfect outcome, you have freed Arya from the clutches of the cabal and a fate as a mindless puppet. You wonder what tales she might have to tell once the fog clouding her memory has lifted...
    • ※The next red mage quest will be available from X'rhun Tia upon reaching level 56.