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Gridania's Most Wanted

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Gridania's Most Wanted

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
Learn Schiltron.png  Schiltron
Experience 55,800
Gil 1,014
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Beard, the Myth, the Legend
Next quest
Feature QuestNo Butts About It

P'yandih still seems to be having an easy time managing the guild.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Martyn at the Carline Canopy in Gridania.
  • Speak with Martyn at Bentbranch Meadows.
  • Survey the area at the designated location.
  • Survey the designated location.
  • Speak with P'yandih in Ul'dah.


  • P'yandih still seems to be having an easy time managing the guild.
  • As P'yandih tells it, Martyn has caught wind of another promising candidate somewhere in the Black Shroud. She says he awaits your arrival at the Carline Canopy, urging you to hurry there before he finds himself in trouble.
  • You find Martyn serving drinks and waiting tables at the Carline Canopy, allegedly for the purpose of affording room and board, as well as picking up on local gossip. He goes on to explain that a bandit has been terrorizing any and everyone who passes through the Shroud. Such a man, both formidable and seemingly desperate for coin, would be a worthy choice to hire into the Celestium's employ. With his shift at the tavern ended, Martyn bids you follow him to Bentbranch Meadows.
  • Martyn arrives dressed ready for battle, and he is heartened to see you are as well. Knowing the bandit was last spotted in the Jadeite Thick, he suggests splitting up to track them down faster.
  • You work your way through the thick of the thicket, yet try as you might, there is no sign of the bandit. Undeterred, you set out for another vantage point to continue the hunt.
  • At last you find the dreaded bandit of the Jadeite Thick. Much to your surprise, however, he has already been defeated by a band of blue mages. They explain that they initially came to test the limits of their magic, but are nevertheless grateful for the sizable bounty they will receive for turning in the bandit. The sizable bounty Martyn incidentally forgot to mention. Sadly, the bandit's defeat served only as proof that they were not the rival you were hoping for, and so your search must begin anew. While Martyn sets off in search of a new lead, he asks that you return to Ul'dah and report back to P'yandih.
  • P'yandih is sad to hear of what took place in the Black Shroud, but she is hopeful Martyn will have better luck elsewhere. Assuming he does manage to find a fighter worthy to be your rival, she suggests learning the spell Rehydration to supplement your already impressive arsenal of spells.