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Ishgardian Justice

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Sidequest.pngDark Knight Job Quest

Feature Quest icon.png

Ishgardian Justice

Quest giver
Foundation (X:11, Y:12)

Dark Knight
Required quest
Our End
Experience 7,410
Gil 0
Previous quest
Our End
Next quest
The Voice in the Abyss

Fray is ready to teach you. You need only ask.

— In-game description






  • Search for the screaming woman.
  • Speak with Fray.
  • Speak with Fray in the Pillars.
  • Search for the Temple Knights.
  • Speak with the frightened maid.
  • Speak with Fray.


  • Fray is ready to teach you. You need only ask.
  • Fray speaks to you of the first dark knight─a goodly knight who sacrificed all in order to bring an untouchable man to justice. Too many fear the consequences such actions will bring, and innocents suffer for our indecision, he says. Consider his words as you seek out the source of the earlier scream.
  • You come upon an old woman, who beseeches you to save her granddaughter─a spirited young woman who was seized by Temple Knights after an altercation. It soon becomes clear that she is not the first girl to be taken under such circumstances, and that the Temple Knights' intentions are anything but honorable. Fray observes that the girl might survive the ordeal─but he knows full well that you would rather punish the knights for their crimes. The decision is made. Make your plans with Fray.
  • Fray surmises that the Temple Knights will take the girl to the Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine. he bids you follow him to the Pillars and discuss your next course of action there.
  • Fear, pain, rage─these dark emotions make for a potent fuel, Fray tells you. Should things turn violent, you may need to draw upon this darkness to strike down your enemies. Prepare for the worst and search the Pillars for the Temple Knights.
  • Oh, how they screamed when you came for them. How their cries of anger turned to fear! How you bathed in the fires of your hatred to bring them to justice. Fray's words were music in your ears as they echoed in the Tribunal, as you promised them a reckoning should they dare speak of this day again...
  • As you tend to the girl afterwards, you ask if she recalls who it was that screamed your name when she was taken. She tells you, however, that only her grandmother cried out. Thanking you a final time, she hurries back towards the Brume, leaving you alone with Fray.
  • You have done well, Fray tells you. Far better than he could have hoped. But the risks will only increase as you walk further along the path. Trust in me, he asks, and you want to. You know that you need to...and that, when the time is right, he will be waiting for you where you first met.

※The next dark knight quest will be available from Fray upon reaching level 35.

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