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Mind over Manor

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Mind over Manor

Pictomancer quest image1.png
Quest giver
New Gridania (X:12.3, Y:13.1)
Experience 448,800
Gil 2,175
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Joy of Pictomancy
Next quest
Feature QuestPerspectives in Pursuit

Kupopo believes an apology is in order.

— In-game description



  • Kupopo believes an apology is in order.
  • With the power of pictomancy now at your disposal, Kupopo is eager to teach you the basics of the art─though he would prefer to do so with a clear conscience. Having been made aware of the trouble he has caused with his solicitations, he wishes to apologize to the cheerless Hearer, and urges you to follow him to Nophica's Altar.
  • While pleasantly surprised to receive an apology from Kupopo, the Hearer reveals that the moogle was not the sole source of his woes. An abandoned manor in the Gentry's Ward has been infested with noisemaking pests, and their clamor must be silenced. Reminding you that it is the spirit of the pictomancer to lend a helping hand, Kupopo deems this matter an opportunity for you to put your skills to the proof, and volunteers you to quell the threat.
  • You make short work of the pests dwelling in the manor basement, ensuring that nearby residents can enjoy an untroubled sleep. Kupopo is pleased to see how quickly you are growing into your role, and suggests you return to Old Gridania to celebrate your success.
  • Having addressed the Hearer's pest problem, you make your triumphant return to the Gentry's Ward gates. Kupopo will no doubt wish to discuss your progress further.
  • Travel is essential to pictomancy, Kupopo explains, for the practitioner benefits greatly from new experiences. His lecture is interrupted, however, by the cheerless Hearer, whose expression transforms into one of relief when you inform him of your victory. He leaves a far happier man than he was when you met him, and Kupopo is thrilled to see the culmination of your selfless efforts. Before the two of you set off for a new destination, he reminds you to continue your training and remember your promise to help find his dear friend.
    • ※The next pictomancer quest will be available from Kupopo upon reaching level 83.