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What She Always Wanted

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What She Always Wanted

White Mage Job Image 3.JPG
Quest giver
The Fringes (X:8.3, Y:28.9)
White Mage
Required items
1 Herbal Remedy.png  Herbal Remedy
Experience 216,000
Gil 2,500
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Problem with Padjals
Next quest
Side QuestWhence the Healing Springs

Sylphie appears to be overwhelmed.

— In-game description




FFXIV White Mage (WHM) Job Quest: Level 70 - What She Always Wanted

You'll first have an open-world fight against two Aether-starved Soulflayers. Be careful of the Goosefish nearby that can easily aggro mid-fight, and feel free to pull out your chocobo. Once the fight is over, use your remedy on Sanche and the real fight will begin. You'll face off against Camazotz. Sylphie Sweetwind and Brother E-Sumi-Yan will tether Gatty Deepwood to help her with her trance. Shortly into the fight though, Camazotz will use Corrosive Gale and knock out Sylphie, and Gatty will go out of control and use Aetheric Burst, greatly hurting you, your allies, and herself. Simultaneously three Planar Fissures will appear and begin using Void Call, and Camazotz will become untargettable and tether Gatty, inflicting her with Life Drain.

You should take out the fissures ASAP, the smaller ones will summon an Aether-starved Hecteyes while the larger one will summon an Aether-starved Arch Demon. The smaller ones go down more easily but the larger one summons the bigger threat, so choose which to go after (It should be noted that the guide writer did not focus the larger one, but with the mechanics it has it may be impossible to deal with and one will always need to fight the archdemon). The Arch Demon will eventually use Abyssal Transfixion, dealing damage and inflicting Paralysis icon1.png Paralysis, but if you use Esuna.png  Esuna you can remove it. It will also eventually use Abyssal Charge, summoning four Abyssal Lances that will charge at you, and a pair of Planar Fissures will begin using Void Call. The fissures will summon more hecteyes and should be your first priority.

Once they are all taken down E-Sumi-Yan will Limit Break, using Pulse of Life to revive Sylphie and fully heal you and Gatty. Sylphie will be revived at 1 HP however and be Down for the count icon1.png Down for the Count, so toss her a few quick heals. Once she's at full health she will go back to tethering Gatty, who will soon regain her composure and knockdown Camazotz with a flash of light. Once the boss is targetable again just wail on it and it should go down fairly quickly.



  • Sylphie appears to be overwhelmed.
  • Sylphie reports that Gatty's training is proceeding as planned, but Sanche's health is in steady decline. Aid the overwhelmed acolyte by picking up the herbal remedy from the independent sutler at Castrum Oriens.
  • You have secured the potent medicine from the merchant. Travel through the forest and rejoin Sylphie at Fletcher's Cabin.
  • You return to the cabin to find Sylphie on the verge of panic. /soothe the frantic acolyte and learn what has driven her to such a state.
  • Following your efforts to calm her, Sylphie tells you of how she returned from drawing water to find that both the Padjal and her mother had vanished. The acolyte then recalls how Sanche expressed a desire to visit a cave known as the Comet's Tail one last time, and sends you there to search for the missing pair...
  • You find Gatty and her mother inside the cave, and dispatch the voidsent poised to prey upon the Padjal. Sanche appears to have suffered another of her turns, and Gatty is clearly on the verge of panic. Administer the herbal remedy to the prone woman, and wait for it to take effect.
  • Despite your best efforts, Sanche at last succumbs to the ravages of her illness. Gatty is unable to accept her mother's fate, and the ensuing tempest of aether attracts the attention of an insidious greater voidsent. The fiend, seeking to feed on the outpouring of energy, manipulates the child into losing complete control of her aura. You engage the voidsent in battle without hesitation, whilst E–Sumi–Yan and Sylphie attempt to bolster Gatty's waning spirit. Gatty eventually regains control of her aether, and you succeed in casting the winged horror back into the void. Approach the grieving Padjal, and offer her what comfort you may.
  • Though devastated by the loss of her mother, Gatty realizes that her newfound control now allows her to leave her isolation in the forest. Hoping to make her mother proud, she vows to study hard, and live a life of happiness as Sanche would have wanted. With Sylphie and E–Sumi–Yan there to guide her, you sense that Gatty has a wonderful future awaiting her at Stillglade Fane.