Curious Gorge Goes to Wineport

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Curious Gorge Goes to Wineport

Warrior quest image.png
Quest giver
Curious Gorge
Eastern La Noscea (X:30, Y:23)
Experience 21,560
Gil 0
Previous quest
Embracing the Beast
Next quest
Looking the Part

Curious Gorge would share with you a shocking revelation about his tribe's past.

— In-game description






  • Speak with the militia captain in Wineport.
  • Defend the eastern gate from attackers.
  • Report to the militia captain.
  • Consult with the militia captain.
  • Speak with Curious Gorge.


  • Curious Gorge has revealed to you his tribe's tragic history. It turns out that his ancestors came to be shunned when the people they would protect came to view the warriors themselves as beasts more savage than the fiends they would slay. Vowing to win back his tribe's good name by his own hand, Curious Gorge asks you to assist him in the defense of the village of Wineport. Travel there and receive a briefing from the militia captain.
  • Curious Gorge will lead the defense at the west gate, while you have been tasked with defending the east. Keep lookout and let not a single fiend into the village!
  • The fiends have been driven off and the east gate secured. Report to the militia captain.
  • Despite his efforts on the village's behalf, Curious Gorge received not a hero's welcome, but a reception worthy of the most terrible of monsters. Might the captain have some insight into the source of the people's fear?
  • The militia captain expresses his gratitude for your efforts and assures you that he will clear up the villagers' misunderstanding regarding Curious Gorge. Return to Hidden Falls and reunite with your mentor.
  • Having regained his composure, Curious Gorge theorizes that a misunderstanding like unto that which arose at Wineport might be at the root of his tribe's disgrace. He would ask you to continue training while he continues to scour the ancient words for further insight.
  • The next warrior quest will be available from Curious Gorge upon reaching level 45.