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Female ♀
Elezen (Wildwood)
Archer, Guildmaster
New Gridania (15.4,11.9)
Quest NPC

"Any half-wit can can bend the bow, but it is no simple undertaking to become a skilled archer."

Guildmaster Luciane greatly admired her father, a leader within the Gods' Quiver. By imitating him, the Wildwood Elezen grew into an archer whose skills left those around her in awe. While her father advised that she follow in his footsteps and become a Quiverman, Luciane had found her passion in attaining mastery of the bow. She thus chose to seek her fortune at the Archers' Guild, and there became a leader in her own right. At the compilation of this tome, the guildmaster had seen thirty and three namedays.

— In-game description

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest giver
My First Bow Class quest 1 Luciane
A Matter of Perspective Class quest 5 Luciane
School of Hard Nocks Class quest 10 Luciane
Training with Leih Class quest 10 Luciane
Violators Will Be Shot Class quest 15 Luciane
To Catch a Poacher Class quest 20 Luciane
Homecoming Class quest 25 Luciane
The One That Got Away Class quest 30 Luciane
A Song of Bards and Bowmen Job quest 30 Luciane

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest giver
Way of the Archer Class quest 1 Athelyna
A Carpenter in Need
Sweet Dreams Are Made of Peace Job quest 70 Guydelot

Additional Information

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