A Matter of Fact

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A Matter of Fact

Summoner Job Image 2.JPG
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:10.8, Y:6.2)

Level 52 Summoner
Experience 52,800
Gil 1,151
Previous quest
A Fitting Tomestone
Next quest
A Miner Negotiation

Y'mhitra has new knowledge to share with you.

— In-game description






  • Speak with Dancing Wolf at Camp Drybone
  • Question the merchants of Camp Drybone
  • Report to Dancing Wolf
  • Search for the assaulted importer
  • Speak with Dancing Wolf at the Hall of Flames


  • Y'mhitra has new knowledge to share with you.
  • Y'mhitra confesses that her studies have yet to reveal the reason behind the failure of the Austerities of Lightning, but is otherwise pleased to announce the discovery of several new summoner incantations. Her attempt to instruct you, however, is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Captain Dancing Wolf─an Immortal Flames officer who claims to be in pursuit of the dark summoner, Tristan. Though Tristan was apparently consumed by fire at the culmination of your battle, Captain Wolf has witness accounts that place him at the scene of a merchant caravan attack. Unwilling to dismiss the possibility that the dangerous madman yet lives, Y'mhitra requests that you both be allowed to assist in the ongoing investigation. Travel to Camp Drybone in eastern Thanalan, and speak with Dancing Wolf.
  • You join Captain Wolf in Camp Drybone, and the officer sets you the task of searching for more witnesses to the incident. Make your way around the settlement, and gather more information from the merchants.
  • You speak with several Camp Drybone inhabitants, and learn that a survivor of the attack has recently left town. Return to Dancing Wolf, and report your findings.
  • Upon learning that the merchant who survived the attack has but recently left Camp Drybone, Captain Wolf immediately sets off in pursuit. Search the road heading east towards Highbridge, and find the assaulted importer.
  • You come across the unfortunate trader under attack by an Amalj'aa raiding party. After saving him from the beastmen's spears, the merchant gratefully provides you with a description of the man responsible for the caravan attack. The silvery haired villain appears to have been in command of Ifrit-Egi, further deepening your suspicions that Tristan is indeed still alive. Head to Ul'dah, and discuss these developments with Dancing Wolf at the Hall of Flames.
  • You meet Captain Wolf at the Immortal Flames headquarters, and once more hear the tragic story of how Tristan was compelled to slay his own brother. As the dark summoner was once a soldier under his command, Dancing Wolf feels bound by duty to expunge the evil Tristan has become. Accept Y'mhitra's instruction in the damaging magicks recovered from the tomestones, and prepare for the day when you may once more face the madman's flames.

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