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Original Sins

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Original Sins

Dark Knight HW Quest image2.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:13.3, Y:12.0)
Dark Knight
Required quest
Mourn in Passing
Experience 51,480
Gil 1,421
Previous quest
Kindred Spirits
Next quest
The Flame in the Abyss

Sidurgu recognizes that desperate times call for desperate measures.

— In-game description






  • Speak with Vidofnir in Anyx Trine.
  • Speak with Sidurgu.
  • Search for gron ahlm in Avalonia Fallen.
  • Present the gron ahlm to Vidofnir.
  • Present the gron ahlm to the dying dragon in Mourn.
  • Speak with Sidurgu in Ishgard.


  • Sidurgu recognizes that desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • Sidurgu believes that if Rielle holds some affinity with the dragons, then the only way to be certain is to present her to a Dravanian. He believes this to be a nigh impossible task─until you reveal that you have already parleyed with Vidofnir, that is. Journey to Anyx Trine and entreat the dragon for her aid.
  • Vidofnir studies your companions, her gaze lingering on Rielle a moment longer. She then asks that you bring an offering of gron ahlm as a gesture of goodwill. Discuss her request with Sidurgu.
  • Though puzzled by the request, Sidurgu accepts that it must be done. He and Rielle will search the lands to the north for the flowers, while you will search the south.
  • As Vidofnir warned, your attempt to harvest gron ahlm was not without incident. In any case, the flowers are now yours. Return to the dragon and see if your offering is sufficient.
  • Vidofnir tells you of a dragon on the verge of death in Mourn, who has the answers you seek. Present the flowers to the Dravanian and hearken to her words.
  • Through labored breaths, the dragon declares that the blood of her beloved flows strong in Rielle's veins. Furthermore, the fact that the girl has not succumbed to the blood suggests that it was passed on to her by her parents. Forced to accept the truth at last, Sidurgu despairs that the Temple Knights will never cease their pursuit of Rielle. He bemoans his inability to harness the abyss his master spoke of, which piques the dying dragon's curiosity. After learning the nature of your dark arts, the dragon chides you for your foolishness, stating that even the tiny beings who frolic in the mists of Sohm Al know a better way. Sidurgu presses her for details, but the dragon's energy is spent. No more answers will be had. Return to Ishgard and discuss what you have learned.
  • As you and Sidurgu weigh your options, a noblewoman strides into the Forgotten Knight and names you as the “knights” who would defy the will of Halone. Introducing herself as Ystride de Caulignont, she offers you a choice: trial by combat, or death for you and all who dare aid you. Seeing no alternative, Sidurgu grudgingly agrees. As Ystride turns to leave, Rielle at last cries out, revealing that she is Ystride's daughter. Incensed by her daughter's words, Ystride storms out of the tavern, and Sidurgu whirls about to confront Rielle. He demands to know why she never told him, shouting that he and Fray had a right to know─reminding her they bled for her, that Fray died for her. Shaken, she struggles to explain, but Sidurgu has heard enough. Refusing to look at Rielle, he bids you leave them for now, that he might have time to think.