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There are a lot of missing pages and blank spaces in this wiki. In an effort to assist in finding all the problems, please edit this page with bulleted lists of things you see that need done. When an item on the list has been worked on, indicate with parenthesis what was done, and if it still needs more info, pictures, formatting, or anything else.

The main goal for this page is to lay out everything that needs user contributions, so even if you only have a few minutes, it is very easy to find something you are particularly interested in or knowledgeable about and shape it up a bit. Be ambitious!


Stormblood Information

    • It looks like sections on The Hunt and Beast Tribe Quests are the only remaining updates here
  • Folklore Nodes are missing 4.0+ content



Crafting and Gathering

Side Quests



  • Seafood
  • Lvl 61-70 Weapons for all classes.
  • Glamour Sets
  • Twinthread - Needs more info in "Used For" section
  • Some items are missing references to vendors and need to be updated. - Mineral Water
  • Max Stack are 999 now. A lot of pages need to be updated.

Glamour System Outdated

The current information on a lot of items in this game is outdated (i.e. talking about "Grade 5 Glamour Prism (Goldsmithing)" where the level of the Prism is irrelevant now). It would be really helpful if someone can update all of those. But it will be a big chunk of work.

Use this page if needed: Pages that link to "Glamour Item".

Dungeon/Trial Guides


Lore pages - feel free to create any Lore pages and add lore information to any existing pages.

  • Garlean Empire, Dragonsong War to create.
  • Timeline, Primals, Scions of the Seventh Dawn to expound on.
    • Timeline page initial creation made with brief description, a place for a visual timeline created, layout of Eorzean eras added.
      • Intend to add a image representing known world timeline in the "Visual" section.
      • Plan to add short descriptions &/or links to dedicated pages to the individual eras listed.
    • Scions of the Seventh Dawn created with a brief description. Still planning layout but intend to add in its origins as well as key members of the society.


  • Elite Marks - needs images, times and other descriptions.
  • Description for each Minion and Mount - since minion and mount menus were updated, SE added a bunch of new description to each minion and mount.
  • Fish pages need crafting recipes they're involved in, desynthesis results, fishing holes they're found in and bait that will catch them.
  • Update picture of Duty Roulette
  • Vendor NPC: Steward
  • Estate Sharing
  • Gear Pictures


I know there are many many more things that need done, like updating pictures and fleshing out descriptions, so post everything you see here so that we all know what needs done!