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Tural map translated.jpg
Map of Tural


Tural, also known as the New World is a continent far to the west of Eorzea, far beyond the Indigo Deep.

— In-game description

Tural is a landmass in Hydaelyn. Also known as the New World, Tural is a continent far to the west of Eorzea, far beyond the Indigo Deep. Originally found several centuries ago, the New World was a myth until recently, as all records of its existence, both official records and the folklore tales from the land had all been lost or destroyed.


Tural consists of two main landmasses: Yok Tural to the south and Xak Tural to the north. The city of Tuliyollal, located on the north of Yok Tural, is the capital of the federal nation-state comprising much of Tural. A singular bridge extending from Tuliyollal joins the two landmasses, which are divided by a surface crevasse in the Stardust Sea.



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Almost a century ago, the continent of the New World was spoken of as an old wives tale. In a bid to prove the existence of the land, a Roegadyn sailor by the name of Ketenramm the Blue set sail from the west coast of Eorzea with his crew. After sailing for almost two months, they finally made land in the New World. Upon its rediscovery, Ketenramm attempted to call the land "Ketenland", however the general populace of the Three Great Continents refer to it as the New World.

Ketenramm and his crew made land and set up camp. In the following days, they would explore the land, quickly coming across the sprawling nation of Mamook. The party was brought before the nation's Supreme Leader, whom they presented with many gifts from their homeland. The Supreme Leader was so impressed and enamored with these gifts that they rewarded the sailors with several gifts of their own, not the least of which being a massive statue crafted out of pure silver. The party was also given free reign to travel all over the land while they were there. This afforded Ketenramm and his retinue the opportunity to collect valuable data and info about the New World. They spent several months exploring, mapping the entire island and gathering farious fauna and seeds, such as the fruits and vegetables that are native to the New World, such as Ogre Pumpkins, Ruby Tomatoes, Popotoes and more. Upon returning to Eorzea, the various plants, roots and vegetables came to be a regular part of the Eorzean diet.

Another group of note is the Whalaqee people, who live in a settlement near Lapis Canyon where a luminous blue stone appears in massive veins. The Whalaqee are practitioners of Blue Magic, the art of looking into the soul of a beast and learning how they control aether. The Whalaqee view the color blue as a holy color and use it in all aspects of life. The rock that they worshiped that glowed blue actually turned out to be Ceruleum, which drew the attention of entrepreneurs who came from Eorzea to mine the mineral. When the influx of merchants and traders brought a disease to the New World, the Whalqee began dying quickly from it. An Eorzean who came to study Blue Magic named Martyn felt responsible and returned to Eorzea to find a cure to save the Whalaqee people. After coming up with a cure, his collegue Whastrach, under the guise of wanting to help, took the cure personally to the Whalaqee, only to use it to barter for the right to mine the Ceruleum in Lapis Canyon, a sacred area for the tribe. His plans were stopped thanks in part to the Warrior of Light however, and he agreed to leave their sacred land alone, asking one of the Whalaqee to help him discover unclaimed land he could work with.

Given the technological limitations of the time, communications and trade lines were not possible to establish, so interaction with the New World was relatively sparse. More recently however, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn opened trade routes and communication between the two nations now that quicker travel is more possible. Mamool Ja mercenaries have also made the trip across the Indigo Deep, looking to capitalize on the unrest caused by the Garlean Empire invading.


The final of Hydaelyn’s three major landmasses lies far to the west of Eorzea, beyond the boundless ocean known as the Indigo Deep. Despite the dearth of ancient epics and historical tomes to support the land’s existence, as recently as eighty years ago it was debated whether or not the place was naught more than mere literary exaggeration—that is until a Sea Wolf adventurer hailing from Limsa Lominsa named Ketenramm the Blue rediscovered the region upon sailing west for nigh two moons straight. Notwithstanding the sailor’s repeated attempts to name the region Ketenland, the “New World” remains the term most commonly used today.

Not only did Ketenramm and his crew discover the landmass, but they also spent several moons exploring inland, eventually encountering the denizens of the sprawling nation of Mamool Ja. Ketenramm was even granted audience with the nation’s supreme leader, to whom he presented various gifts from his Eorzean home. These rare gifts impressed the leader so much, that he presented him with a massive idol forged from pure silver, as well as allowance to roam free about his nation during their stay. Ketenramm used this opportunity not only to map the land, but to gather myriad root vegetables and seeds to carry back to Limsa Lominsa. Many staples in modern-day Eorzean diet such as ogre pumpkins, ruby tomatoes, popotoes, and alligator pears are all transplants from the New World.

While distance prevents much modern-day interaction between the New World and Eorzea, recent years have seen an influx of Mamool Ja mercenaries making the trip from their homeland to make profit from the unrest in the east.