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Sanguine Dragoon

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Sanguine Dragoon

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Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:25.8, Y:28.3)
Experience 53,040
Gil 1,377
Previous quest
Feature QuestDragoon's Errand
Next quest
Feature QuestDragoon's Fate

Ser Alberic has acquired information on the heretics you seek.

— In-game description





  • Speak with Alberic at Tailfeather.
  • Speak with the shady merchant at Tailfeather.
  • Show the sliver of parchment to Alberic.
  • Scout the designated meeting point south of Tailfeather.
  • Speak with Alberic at the Observatorium.


  • Ser Alberic has acquired information on the heretics you seek.
  • Ser Alberic has learned the heretics' identity. Calling themselves the Bloodbearers, they have entered into a pact with Graoully, through which they have abundant access to dragon blood, making them exceedingly dangerous foes. According to Ser Alberic's source, the Bloodbearers have most recently been sighted in the Chocobo Forest. If his instincts serve, and Heustienne means to reclaim her lance Peregrine, she will surely go after them, presenting a chance for you to be reunited with her. Make your way to the Dravanian forelands and join Ser Alberic at Tailfeather.
  • According to the locals, strange merchants have been frequenting Tailfeather and buying up prodigious quantities of goods. Ser Alberic is convinced that they are the Bloodbearers, here to replenish their stores. He bids you help him search the area for these so-called merchants. If you notice any suspicious individuals, confront them and gauge their reaction.
  • The merchant you approach reveals himself to be a heretic, and you are forced to defend yourself. A search of the man's body turns up a strange sliver of parchment. Return to Ser Alberic and have him examine it.
  • The sliver of parchment bears a message ciphered in a manner favored by heretics, but for a blessing Ser Alberic is able to make sense of it. It appears there is to be a meeting of some description in an area of the forest south of Tailfeather. Make your way there and be present for whatever may come to pass.
  • You arrive at the scene of the meeting to find Heustienne on her knees but alive, the dead bodies of several heretics strewn about her. As Ser Alberic predicted, she has come to recover her lance. Yet, though she has accomplished this task, she refuses to return with you to Ishgard. At Ser Alberic's insistence, she finally reveals the reason for her actions: when she was a prisoner of the heretics, she was made to drink dragon blood, and had already once turned into a dragon. Resigned to being judged a heretic by the inquisition, she declares her intent to go after Graoully, and Ser Alberic can find no words to change her mind. For now, rejoin Ser Alberic at the Observatorium.
  • Ser Alberic believes that Heustienne has a fighting chance against Graoully, if she can but master the dragon power that threatens to consume her. He bids you resume your training, all the while keeping your purpose close to your heart, that you may be ready to stand with Heustienne in her ultimate test.