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What's Your Sign

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What's Your Sign

Quest giver
The Pillars (X:15.2, Y:10.0)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestBefore the Dawn
Any Disciple of War or Magic Lv. 50
Next quest
Feature QuestStairway to the Heavens

No description available.

— In-game description


What's Your Sign is a level 50 quasi-quest. There are no steps to this quest: Talking to the questgiver both accepts and completes the quest. It will immediately unlock Feature QuestStairway to the Heavens.


Speak with Jannequinard and answer "Yes" to his second question.


There are no journal entries for this quest.


Jannequinard: Greetings and welcome to the Athenaeum Astrologicum. Perhaps you were drawn by fate to this place of learning─or perhaps you wish to know more of fate itself?
Q1: Do you wish to know more of fate?
A1: Yes
Jannequinard: Then you were wise to come hither. For in the stars are written the fates of every woman and man on Hydaelyn.
A1: No
Jannequinard: So you say, yet here you are. You need only learn to open your eyes and see the answers which lie above us in the boundless firmament.
Jannequinard: It was there in the stars that I read a man/woman would call upon the Athenaeum this very day. A man/woman who would play an important role in my own life.
Jannequinard: Ah, but my apologies. Even the most skilled reader cannot scry a name from the heavens. Would you be so kind as to give me yours, so that I might know who is to be my newest protégé?
Q2: Give Jannequinard your name and become his protégé?
A2: Yes
Jannequinard: [Forename]. Well... I was not expecting that. But what is a name, but an attempt by our begetters to wield power over the lives of their sons and daughters? Lives whose paths have already been foretold! In a sense, that is.
Jannequinard: My name is Jannequinard de Durendaire and I am an astrologian for the Holy See. Remember that name, for it shall echo forevermore in the annals of Ishgardian history. Well...it will once I put it there. Once we put it there!
A2: No
Jannequinard: Well...er... That was awkward. It would not be entirely true if I said this was the first time my offer had been spurned today... But Twelve be damned, I was certain you were the man/woman from my vision!