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Blue Scream of Death

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Blue Scream of Death

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
Learn Frog Legs.png  Frog Legs
Experience 25,000
Gil 810
Previous quest
Blue in the Face
Next quest
Blue Cheese (Quest)

Martyn is unnervingly chipper for someone about to be attacked by a very large man with a very large sword.

— In-game description


Frog Legs.png  Frog Legs is available via:

Open World

This item is not dropped by any creature.





  • Martyn is unnervingly chipper for someone about to be attacked by a very large man with a very large sword.
  • Despite the upcoming match against Siegfried looming over him, Martyn seems to be in high spirits. Having avoided any major catastrophes, it appears that there is no need for you to act as his replacement after all, and your mentor claims to be in top form. Since there is still time remaining before he is due to appear in the arena, he takes the opportunity to attend to some outstanding matters, leaving you to wait for him at the Blue Mages' Guild. When Royse arrives to check up on Martyn, she is livid but not entirely surprised that he should suddenly disappear so close to the battle, though as Latool Ja points out, he may have gone to gather information on his opponent. Since Siegfried is a renowned gladiator at the Coliseum, it stands to reason that Martyn would have headed there to make his inquiries.
  • After quizzing some of the spectators and combatants at the Coliseum, you and Royse discover that Martyn had in fact made his way here. Though much of what you hear is largely irrelevant, you are able to glean some semblance of useful information. It would appear that he was hoping to uncover whether Siegfried possesses any weaknesses he may be able to exploit, which is an uncharacteristically methodical approach for someone known for never being adequately prepared for anything.
  • You return to Royse to share your findings, and it is not long before Martyn himself finally shows up, claiming that he was merely seeking to gain the upper hand in the bout with Siegfried. Satisfied that he has discovered a strategy by which he may vanquish the formidable gladiator, he leads the way to the Celestium.
The crowd erupts as Martyn steps into the arena dressed as the Great Azuro, while Siegfried emerges equipped in a suit of Garlean magitek, with an impossibly large greatsword in one hand and an enormous firearm in the other. Martyn displays his unique brand of unfounded optimism despite having no idea of Siegfried's true capabilities, and opens the match with an impressive array of blue magic spells. His hulking opponent is unable to withstand the assault, and it appears that the Great Azuro has secured a flawless victory.
However, before the winner can be announced, Martyn comes to the realization that Siegfried is standing right behind him, while the fallen foe on the other side of the arena vanishes in a puff of smoke. The tables having been turned in a heartbeat, Siegfried blasts Martyn at point-blank range with his firearm, only for the blue mage to repel the attack with Mighty Guard. A barrage of cannon fire rains down on the barrier until Martyn can maintain it no longer, and he crumples to the sand. The gladiator draws closer and aims his firearm at his hapless foe, offering an opportunity to surrender, but Martyn seizes the opening and makes a last-ditch attack with Self-destruct.
Every spectator in the Celestium is struck silent, and when the smoke finally clears, Martyn is lying motionless, while Siegfried remains on his feet, seemingly none the worse for wear. He admits that he was only saved by his armor and appeals to Fyrgeiss to allow a rematch. Since his original opponent is unlikely to be fit to appear in the arena any time soon─and may even be dead, as nobody has bothered to check whether he is still breathing─you are chosen as his replacement to defend the reputation of the Blue Mages' Guild and to keep the Celestium under Royse's ownership.
  • Now that the dust has settled, it seems that Martyn has escaped relatively unscathed, though the fate of the Celestium now rests on your shoulders. Doubt has been cast on Martyn's claims that blue mages can adapt to any situation, and he feels it necessary to discard the research materials he has compiled and start afresh. He asks that you lead a party comprised entirely of blue mages and test the effectiveness of various strategies, which may also serve as means to prepare for the confrontation with Siegfried.
    • ※The next blue mage quest will be available from Martyn after completing stage 30 of the Masked Carnivale.